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33 Weeks

33 Weeks

I’ve discovered in this pregnancy that I like my round and pregnant body.

Pregnant me is lush and full of promise.  I am mysterious- each roll and flip, each kick is a secret I can choose to share or to keep to myself, a connection that only exists between my baby and me.   My curves, my usually embarrassingly jiggly and squashy rolls that I work to hide behind layers of clothing, are filled out.  My belly is drawn tight as a drum below my ribs, and I marvel at this smooth, firm, skin where usually I am soft.

Right now I feel like all this extra me, this roundness that I lament and cry over, that I have wished away for most of my life, has purpose.  I am growing a tiny person, and my body is amazing.

20 Responses to 33 Weeks

  1. That’s where our watermelon went! LOL!

    Seriously now, you’re looking happy and healthy. Can’t get better than that. I hope Hannah knows everything she needs to know to be ready for the big day! Best wishes, brightest blessings, and all the rest. Call if we can help with anything.

  2. I love that you are confident enough in your own beauty to post an uncovered belly picture! You look absolutely fantastic. You are an inspiration to love myself for who I am, curves and all! Thank you!! ♥

  3. Being transgender, I often hate my body. The only time I did not hate its biological functions was when pregnant and breastfeeding(for the most part). Serving as a vessel for new life and nourishment of said life made me relax in my dysphoria.

    You rock with that pregnant belly. You enjoy your time as a beautifully crafted vessel.

    And let the haters hate. That is what they do.

  4. Beautiful! I found your blog through a friend of mine and so I’m back reading. The tale of sweet little Henry as he will come to be known is awesome! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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