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A Positive Presence

positive presence
Photo credit: V. Appleby

This is what my kid did on Friday night with her friends… They stood in the square downtown, next to the bible thumping signs of protestors with signs bearing happy, positive messages. Her friend M has been going for several weeks now, and Hannah really wanted to go too.  I was worried about what it would be like and if she would be safe, but also knew that it could be a great experience for her.

Hannah tells me that the square was extremely busy, because the first Friday of the month is also “Art Walk” downtown. She enjoyed interacting with people as they passed by, saying things like “You’re awesome!” and “You’re really great!” and would often get similar replies. A few people didn’t seem so happy though, some just wanted directions, and a few people really confused her- like the guy who ran by and stole her sign! She quickly replaced it with a “FREE HUGS” sign. She finished out her night by seeing “Sharknado” in a downtown theater, but when she came home she was full of stories of drunk girls hugging her and the funny things she had seen and heard.  She is looking forward to doing this again sometime soon.  Today I saw that the positive presence group had been written up here.  How cool is that?  I’m so proud of my kid- I’m going to print out this article and have it framed for her!

My kid is so cool! 

6 Responses to A Positive Presence

  1. Well Done Hannah! Joni – you can’t be anything but awesome at your mommy job, and your kids are the proof of that. I LOVE the quote she used, too. Lennon is a great source of inspiration.

  2. Excellent job simply wanting to put a positive message out there, Hannah. Something you’ll find is that because you’re dealing with people, most especially people who are ever more and more disassociated from “the real world” you’ll continue to encounter inappropriate behaviour and social oddities whose only real value appears to be “shock”. As time goes on your approach to putting that positive message out there may change, but NEVER let the weirdness stop you!

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