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A Tandem Breastfeeding Painting

A custom painting for Cynara


I have delved into the world of painting.  It is scary, but fun.  With each one I do I get a little more practice and learn a little bit more.

I would be happy to paint something for you! I’m not a portrait artist (not quite that good yet! Maybe someday) but I can do a good enough likeness that it will resemble you, and the paintings I’ve done so far have been very well received by my customers!

The way it works…. My paintings are priced at $150 if you want the standard size- 16″x 20″ canvas. This includes shipping. You send me some favorite photos and the deposit of $100 and once completed, you send the balance of $50 and then I will ship your painting wrapped in paper, bubble wrap and cardboard.

I usually send a couple of photos during the process, it takes me about a month to finish a painting.

Let me know- send an email if you want a painting by ME!

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