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Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

Last week I read something on facebook that really spoke to me.   It was an article about people doing random acts of kindness in honor of the children and teachers that were killed in the Connecticut school shooting.  I love this idea so much.  I love that people are taking something horrific and ugly and finding a way to honor those lost with kindness and peace.  So the kids and I have started our own tally of acts of kindness.  And we are enjoying it SO much!

We started on Yule, and we brought boxes of cupcakes to a domestic violence shelter for women and children.  The kids loved picking out the cupcakes!  I wanted to make them, but there are ninety people there and we didn’t have time!  Plus, I’m not sure if they would have accepted homemade food.  Since then we’ve been looking for ways to do good things for others.  It is fun and the kids enjoy coming up with new ways to help people, which I think is just awesome.

I posted on my page about this and got some great suggestions from my readers! These are my favorites:

-Paying for the person in line behind you at the drive up window.

-Giving your waiter a 100% tip.

-Leaving a note, scratch ticket or flowers on the windshield of a stranger’s car.

-Shoveling your neighbor’s driveway.

-Tape loose change to a vending machine.

-Make care packages for the families at the NICU.

-Flowers dropped off at a nursing home, ask the front desk to give them to someone that does not get many visitors.

I think this is the start of something beautiful for my family!  Are you doing acts of kindness?  If we ALL did it this world would be a lovely place!


11 Responses to Acts of Kindness

  1. It is good to just practice being aware of opportunities. There was once a woman in the grocery line in front of me with several generic items, but she was short a bit and had to put back a bag of tortilla chips. I quickly paid for them and caught up with her to give them to her. That isn’t the sort of thing you can plan.

    With a vending machine, you could just put the money IN the machine.

    As for the flowers at the nursing home, I think a visit would still have more impact than leaving any sort of gift. But you could also leave large print crossword books, word searches, or puzzles. My girls really enjoyed hanging out gifts at the retirement apartments down the street and we chose a few residents to go back and visit again. We’ll make treats or take coloring pages or something.

  2. Cupcakes for a homeless shelter is awesome! The people there rarely get anything nice, or have ‘treats’. Last spring, my daughter donated some of her allowance to the Girl Scouts that we bought cookies from. It was enough to buy 1 box of cookies for the homeless shelter for victims of domestic violence here. The whole way home, I was stifling tears. $5 is a lot for a 4 year old to give, but as soon as she heard what it was for, she didn’t hesitate. I have a lot to learn from this little person that I’ve been given the job of raising.

    Thanks for your post. Thanks for caring. Thanks for teaching your kids to care about others, too. Thanks for inspiring me to find little ways to help other people. Keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about whether others criticize you or not. It’s not worth the heartache and your children will be so much better off for having had this experience with you.

  3. I try to do small acts of kindness whenever possible. One of our neighbors broke her ankle, for example, and I brought her holiday cookies (homemade) and took her dog out for a walk. I also left our phone number with her in case she needs any help, so she won’t have to limp to the doorbell. That’s the kind of thing I try to do – help people I know and people I meet with what I have available. Hold doors, do groceries, bring hard-to-get items from trips and such. Apart from that, I am not that good with all the “love and light” stuff. ^^

  4. I’ve seen tons of pages about homeless care packages that can be made with freebies or items you got with coupons (toiletries, candies, etc) that I need to get on the ball and put together.. most suggest putting basic toiletries (plus a book/blanket/gift card/etc. if you can) into a gallon zip top bag and keep several bags in the car to hand out to the sign holders in town if you are leary about giving cash (in case they aren’t legit)..
    My husband and I usually keep several (clean) jackets and sweat shirts in the trunk of the car that would have otherwise been taken to the goodwill… and if we see someone without and it’s rather chilly out, we ask if they could use one and give them out as needed.. in his younger days, my husband spent some time as a homeless person (he was fortunate to have a friend’s couch to sleep on most nights) and he said that after that, he could always tell the genuine homeless from the folks that panhandle without a true need by the smell.. he said it isn’t that they stink, because most don’t, but they have a wild scent, similar to that of a wild animal, that a person doesn’t have if they are not living on the street.. (that is how he describes it to me..)

    I would like to put in a word of caution about putting items on a person’s windshield: there have been some car hi-jackers that have used this method to get people to get out of their cars to get to them.. so some folks that have read the advice to leave that stuff alone may miss out on those items if it flies off while they are leaving the area…

    These are some great ideas, I’m definately gonna have to start doing more. Thanks for the great article :)

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