Am I Mom enough? Probably not.

Time Magazine

I wish I was Super Mom.  I want to be the awesome, put together, has all the right answers kind of mom.  But although I strive to do what I think is right, I fail often enough that my teenager’s eye roll is well earned.  We are all trying to be good moms, good parents.  I mean, who sets out to be a bad parent?

When I first heard that they were doing a photo shoot and article on attachment parenting I was so excited!  How cool to have a widely known magazine tackle a subject so dear to my heart (and many of my friends’, my readers’, my fellow bloggy mamas’ hearts too!) and I couldn’t wait to see what they would do!  Today, when I saw the cover, I was disappointed.  I looked at the other photos in the piece and the mothers looked confident, calm, and poised while they fed their children.   It was a perfect snippet of what it is like to be an extended breastfeeding (or tandem) mama.  The shot chosen for the cover, however, has the mother and child posed to bait readers into feeling offended.   It was chosen to get us talking and debating and fighting….

Even the title “Are You Mom Enough” is meant to stir us up.  And of course, it worked.  The internet is abuzz with Time and boobies and “extended nursing yuck!” and “Mommy Wars” and bad moms and good moms…. And that sucks.

Whether we breastfeed or formula feed, or breastfeed long enough, or pump, or supplement…  We’re all trying to be good moms- sometimes fighting passionately to defend the choices we have made.  And the old argument of how to feed our babies is one that will always divide us up- make us pick our teams.  Are we crunchy?  Are we mainstream?  And then to widen the gap, well how long did you breastfeed for?  How long is TOO LONG?  How long is acceptable?  Is it wrong to nurse in public?

Anytime breastfeeding pops into the conversation we have started a debate.  And Time Magazine knows that. And I think I’m tired of it.  You know what?  You do what you think is right for your babies and I’ll do what I think is right for mine.  As long as everyone is growing and learning its all cool, right?  However, if you want to learn more about what I do, I’m here to help- that’s what this blog is for.

The mommy war thing is old news.


UPDATE:  I decided I AM mom enough.  We ALL are!


  1. Sigh, I wish someone would do a tasteful article on the subject. I think this article just made everything worse. And I learned that I’m an “extreme parent” because my daughter weaned at age 3. -_-
    Camille´s last post… "Extreme" Mother on Time Magazine Cover

  2. Merlin, Kansas says:

    Since I’m not a mom, and my daughter is almost 25 years old, I feel that I don’t have much room to talk here. However, I’ll say that I fully support your take on this. Our society, and a majority of the individuals of whom it is made, needs to learn to not fall for the “Us-vs-them” game. Let everyone do the best they can, help when asked, tolerate differences, and be kind. That’s the best recipe for social change that I can think of.

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