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Attachment Parenting is really just parenting.

sleep tight!
Oh the man I married!

My MIL in the UK tagged me on a facebook post where she shared this video

“What an obnoxious woman Katie Hopkins is ……I hope her children rebel against her and marry someone called Storm or Windchime! Joni and James, you will ‘love’ this ! X”

James responded with the following comment.  I love it so much I had to share it with you!

“Why is there always the ridiculous misconception that AP mothers are ‘ruining’ their sex life? First of all, you have a newborn baby. You could have one, two or twelve grown ups in the bed, there’s not a lot going on at night anyway. Everyone’s too tired and just hoping to grab three or four consecutive hours of grumble free sleep. Not exactly an aphrodisiac.

Second of all, any parent that puts their sexual wants ahead of their baby’s needs should reevaluate their role as a parent.
Geldof was spot on when she said how sad it was that AP even needs a label. Attachment Parenting is really just parenting. Is there another mammal that would shoo its offspring into a corner and ignore its cries so that it can fit in with their own schedule?
My hat’s off to Peaches and to all AP parents (especially Joni) for putting their babies’ needs not just ahead of their own, but also above what is expected by society in general. So go ahead and knit your own sandals, use cloth diapers, make your own cough syrup, do whatever you feel is right because your instinct as a parent has brought you to where you are now. Pay no mind to the yabbling on TV or a raised eyebrow at the store or the tsk tsk’s of family members.
Continue to hold your baby, sniff their toes, and give them the best nourishment humanly possible. Respond to their cries and let them know you are there for them.  Let them know that they have someone that is always there for them no matter what time of day or night. Let them know that they have someone who will feed them whenever they are hungry, hold them whenever they are lonely and comfort them whenever they are sad.
In short, let them know they have a parent.

8 Responses to Attachment Parenting is really just parenting.

  1. What an awful woman that Katie Hopkins is! She reminds me of certain segments of the American population who cannot argue their point of view on it’s own merits but instead must denigrate and insult the other point of view. She seemed to feel herself very clever repeating CRAP parenting over and over. What an awful, awful person! Peaches was amazing and much more controlled than I would have been.

  2. Thank you! I never understand this, and seriously if you already have kids and wind up with more than apparently you are not neglecting your marriage. And why is always about sex? Seriously? What is it about attachment parenting that makes people think you don’t have sex? And more importantly like you said a parent that chooses sex over caring for their baby isn’t parenting with the right priorities.

  3. Just looking at Katie’s face during the first part of the interview is hilarious-she looks so haughty and miserable and mean-almost like a Saturday Night Live caricature.
    I often think the same thing-AP shouldn’t be a “method”…DUH…it is just parenting. It’s called loving your baby, not resenting him/her and trying to get rid of him/her as much as possible.

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