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What We’ve Been Up To… 1

Happy New Year! Since I seem to have trouble posting regularly I have decided to occasionally do a post that combines all our new stuff in one lump of an update. You should read this if you want to know what I haven’t been posting about. Continue Reading


Husband on the road, five kids- one of which is a little baby, no car, cold weather setting in, and its the holiday season? I refuse to find this overwhelming or stressful. It would be so easy to fall into thinking about how much it sucks that we can’t go wherever we want now. Continue Reading

Anxiety Sucks.

Anxiety makes everything seem worse than it is. I used to cry just handing in a paper to the school office or going to an appointment by myself. I would whine and try to avoid it, but my grandma would scoff and say “Who do you think you are Joni, that everyone is going to be looking at you?” Continue Reading

Birth Order

I get to look through the pictures and coo over his tiny hands and wrinkled baby skin. It made me think back to my hospital births with my first four babies, and Henry’s homebirth…Continue Reading

Don’t Assume.

Just because you may know people who are taking advantage (or know someone that knows someone) that does not mean there aren’t ten times that many people just struggling to survive. I’m sure every time I swiped my food stamp card with the baby on my hip people looked at me as just another single mom with no baby daddy present, lazy and milking the system because how DARE I not have a job…Continue Reading