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Autumn Coloring Book Contest!

I’m excited to tell you about this!  Kirsty from Shiny New and I have come up with a fun way to promote my coloring books!  Did you know I have coloring books?  I have nifty stuff listed here on my blog and over on etsy as well!  You should check them out!  (I also sell pretty art prints, if you like mermaids, breastfeeding, Doctor Who, and birthy art I’m your girl!)

Mabon Competition PageDownload the competition pageDownload this free coloring page from my newest coloring book and let your kids (OR YOU) color it in.   Share the finished picture with me on my page, via email (jlraewrites@gmail.com), or on my website, and the winner will receive one of my pdf coloring books (winner’s choice!).

There are a few categories, with a winner for each:

  • Littles: 12 years and under
  • Grownups: 13 years and over
  • Collaboration: any 2 or more colorers of any ages
  • Peoples’ Choice: any age, most popular entry on my Facebook page

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