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Baby Food Court




For the record… Nursing mothers have no more interest in flashing you a breast than you do in seeing one. Even my crunchiest, hippiest, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, homeschooling mama friend (looking at you Leslie) -who refused to wear a bra under her tie-dyed organic cotton shirts- does not “whip out her boob anywhere she wants”. I am so tired of that argument for “decency”. Are there a few that might go topless and take out both boobs in the middle of the mall to feed a baby and start swinging them around for all to see? I guess, because the world is made of all sorts. But *I* have never in my life seen a nursing mother do that. And I have been a part of the mommyhood scene for fourteen years.

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  1. Here is my response to a lady that told me breast feeding is fine as long as the mother is modest.

    “See but I don’t even understand how it can be immodest unless the chick is topless. And ladies that tandem nurse (nurse more than one at a time) should be able to do it topless. The reason I say this is, as long as you have a kid on every nipple exposed it is no more revealing than most low cut tops, except you can see the underside (of the boob).
    And in most positions you can’t see it.
    I understand what you’re saying, and I didn’t even BF, but it irks me when crazy stuff in the media is okay for kids to taught by people outside the home but having to explain BF from yourself, the parent, is outlandish?”

    Sorry for structure/grammar.

  2. Nursing mothers are accused of being “so defensive” when people want us to cover up. Well, WE are, because of a society that tries to make us feel ashamed, as if we were committing a lewd, sexual act. When in fact, we are simply feeding, nourishing & comforting our babies. Get over YOUR hang ups, my baby is hungry!

    • Thanks! Its just a little doodle, and a bit wobbly because I drew it whilst Cooper nursed and dangled his foot in my face! But I have been thinking I’d like to add little cartoons (mostly ones with my “kitchen witch” chick) to the posts. Sometimes it is hard to find a good picture that works with the post, it would be cool to do my own!


      • It is a great cartoon, and I would be thrilled to see more like it!
        Your posts are always so insightful, I can imagine I would be an avid follower of your cartoons.

        And I am in constant envy of anyone with artistic and creative talent, too. I’m going to go pin your cartoon now.

  3. This cartoon is SO true! I completely agree with Toria0013! And I agree with Graycie too! Until it’s seen as normal, that is the kind of crappy reactions that will be all too common. :/

  4. You know what is really funny? I was being offended by the Victoria’s Secret holiday “tell me” commercial tonight and realized that I really want my nursling to *only* see breasts being used to comfort/feed/nourish babies right now, not to titillate and manipulate men. Oh the irony. The “acceptable” version of the breast is what offends me. And I do wear cleavage baring tops (I have a great nursing rack, WITH TATTOOS) but I’m far from topless and I don’t try to use my breasts to entice anyone other than my daughter when she needs me. (I just show off my tattoos because I love them, lots.)

  5. I think the best way of getting rid of this special “argument” would be to simply ignore it. No one is forcing anyone to look at breast-feeding mothers, and the others might just as well shut up. ^^

  6. AWESOME picture. Thanks. I live in a pretty progressive part of the country, so I’ve had almost no problems with nursing in public, but the one time a person said anything negative to me, it was exactly like this! I was always a little afraid of someone judging me for NIPing (assuming I’d feel horrified), but when it happened it was so frickin ironic, I could only laugh. Great cartoon.

  7. No kidding my 17mth nursing son saw this picture pointed to the blond and said “boobs”. Then he looked at me and wanted to nurse. He didn’t even notice the baby in the picture.

  8. Not sure if you know this, but this picture has gone totally viral! I’ve seen it posted on fb by at least a dozen sources and just finally found the link to you, the original post. Thank you for this, I too have reposted it, and I KNOW your blog would go crazy viral if you did more like this!

  9. I saw your cartoon on The Leaky B@@b earlier today and reposted it to my Facebook. I ad no idea where it was from! I have since added a link back to your blog on the picture. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! :)

  10. I’m awaiting my first child with excitement, and am a little worried about breast feeding in front of others. I was raised to be very self conscious about showing off bits of my body. Even so much that I’ve got a hard time letting the dr. see em…

    I’m going to give it a try though. It is a natural and hopefully healthier option for my baby.

    I must admit that I feel doing it at the dinner table while everyone is eating is pushing it a little … I feel bad feeling that way.. but .. I’ve got a cousin who did it (at Thanksgiving with the whole extended family about! of course her conversation about her bowel movements didn’t help.) and I really didn’t appreciate it. I suppose I might feel different about that when the time comes to feed my own baby.

  11. I just showed this to my husband who promptly said that you’re argument about other’s not wanting to see your boob is incorrect…that most men will take a peek any way they can get it :) Thought it was funny!

  12. I wished I was brave enough to tandem nurse in public. Instead I nursed my twins one at a time while we were out. It is a lot harder that way. I’m proud that I made it to 10 months, but I think I might have made it longer if I was a little more bold about public nursing. Your cartoon is great. Thanks for sharing!http://www.lightbulbboo

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