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Baby on the Move!

baby movin

Henry is on the move.  Three and a half months old and he is rolling 0ver from back to front and scooting/army crawling up and down my bed!

He started out on the polka dot blanket…  muslin swaddling.  I’m obsessed with that stuff.  This, FYI, was part of a four piece Aden and Anais set.  Anyway.  I had laid him on his back on the blanket and then flopped beside him to check out facebook.  He rolled over, and I could feel him wiggling but when I looked down he seemed happy enough, sucking on his hand next to my hip.

WELL.  In the next few minutes, he army crawled up, turned sideways, and laid his head down on my laptop and started to smack the keys.

Point taken little man.  Time for cuddles and attention.

Of course, first I had to take a picture so I could show everyone my genius baby.


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