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Baby’s First Lovey!

Knitted Octopus


My friend Sarah is an awesome knitter.  Which I admire because I don’t know how to knit and I don’t really want to learn.  I have enough hobbies as it is and very little patience.  I can crochet a little… As long as what you want is a rectangle or square.   But Sarah makes really cool stuff.  She made me a monster themed computer bag (I just realized I still owe her a goddess doll in trade for that. Crap.) and she knitted the cutest little monster with matching hat and booties for newborn Cooper.  You can check out her work here.

He still sleeps with it!  In fact, its been in his bed every night since I brought him home!  Now she has sent me this sweet little octopus for the new baby, in a care package with homemade lip balm and (Gasp!  My favorite candy!) maple sugar candy.  I can’t wait to take a picture of the baby with his or her very first lovey!

Baby Cooper with his lovey

I never had a special toy or blanket, I was a thumb sucker.  Hannah had a pink bear, appropriately named “pink” and Patrick had this little tiger beanie baby type thing he loved.  Willow has a threadbare stuffed dog named “Cordelia”.  Cooper keeps this monster in his bed, right next to his ever-present sword.  His sword is his REAL security item though.  He wears it sheathed down the back of his shirt, sleeps with it beside him, even takes it in the shower and of course it comes with us every time we leave the house!

Do your kids have a special toy they can’t bear to part with? 

6 Responses to Baby’s First Lovey!

  1. Tyler still sleeps with the baby doll I got her for her first birthday and a blanket I made for her as a baby. When she was younger, one or the other had to go with her to sleepovers. I’ve tried to encourage different lovies with Sasha, but she seems content to change it up each night.

  2. My boy, Connor has a massive pink blanket that he positively cannot sleep without. We bought it while on holiday in Turkey for Caitlin before Connor was even born, but she never really liked it. Then when Connor was about 6 months old, he just decided that the blanket was his and that was that. Caitlin always has to have a fluffy blanket, of which we have many, and her stuffed hippo who is called Mrs. Hippo. She got a new teddy for Christmas who has become a firm favorite, she named him Mr. Mummy Bear lol.

  3. Jacob used to have a plush stuffed frog, almost elegant (Sinatra-style elegance), with the words “Chippewa Falls” embroidered on the backside (Chippewa Falls is a town in Wisconsin). He loved that frog – named it Chippewa, appropriately – and carried it everywhere, and slept with it religiously. I think he’d still be sleeping with it if the dog hadn’t found it and demolished it one day – oh, and did he ever cry when he realized what had happened.

    I’ve tried to find a replacement but it must have been an older version…the new Chippewa Falls frog is a neon colored monstrosity that Jacob would have no interest in. I feel really badly because Jacob always used to say he was going to give Chippewa to his firstborn when he got older.

  4. I have my teddy bear named Chips. He is on my bedside table now since I do have a boyfriend to cuddle up against. Chips is absolutely flat. He was my pillow EVERY night since I got him when I was three.

    It’s really cool to see that I made Cooper’s first and favorite lovey. I really hope #5 loves his/her’s. Also I felt like you needed some things for you.

  5. My DS1 had a dummy (pacifier) we called it Doidy and he had it till he was 4! Ds2 had crocheted blanket, it went everywhere, he outgrew them recently (he’s 6 next week) but it has been replaced by one of his stuffed penguins (he’s autistic and has 40+) or a Yoshi from Super Mario. DD has a teddy, it’s actually Peppa Pig’s teddy (the TV show, yes we are UK based) we got it last year when we went to Peppa Pig land, now she won’t leave it alone, of course, it’s an exclusive so we are taking another trip down there soon to buy a few more after a recent near mishap!

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