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Babywearing Done Right

Which one looks comfortable?


This isn’t meant to condemn parents who use the carriers on the right, its just meant to show that while all babywearing is great, some carriers are more comfortable and safer for the baby than others.

I don’t think anyone would like to be in a carrier where they are basically dangling in mid air, held up by their crotch!


Seriously? I was making the point that seated is better than dangling, and it really is the right way to do it for baby’s hip/spine and general comfort level.  I’m sure some moms have never thought about it.  Hell, I had a bjorn when Hannah was an infant and I certainly never thought about it.  It doesn’t make me a bad mother.  If you use one of those types of carriers it doesn’t make you a bad mother either.

I doodled a cartoon to get people talking.  And its getting shared quite a bit, which helps spread the word the seated is better than dangling, so I’m quite happy about that.

It isn’t meant to make anyone feel guilty- people jump straight to the guilt train way too easily. My thoughts are: would you rather sit on a ski lift chair or be carried up to the slope dangling from straps in the air by your crotch?

6 Responses to Babywearing Done Right

  1. Personally, I think they are both good, but that might be because my own mother would have never been caught dead doing something so sane. She also never used a breast to produce milk. Frankly, I’m surprised she ever had kids; she sure didn’t act like she wanted them.

      • Thanks Joni – but it’s alright now. She manipulated, lied, dominated, and brainwashed to the point where she pushed me away, and when I began to think for myself, I started to become sane. I have a good life now, in part because of her. Believe it or not, my mother was indirectly responsible for bringing my wife and I together.

        What goes around, comes around. From what I understand (and, mind you, I don’t try to keep up) she’s a miserable wretch who’s only half alive after a stroke a few years ago. After she spent a lifetime making others miserable, I can’t help but think it’s karma kicking her in the ass.

  2. I need a good carrier but ergo is a little to much $ for me at this moment what other brand is good and less $

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