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Beyonce Breastfed for 10 weeks… So what?

Beautiful Mama

So Beyonce only breastfed for ten weeks.  So what?

So maybe she did it to lose her baby weight.  So what?

In that brief time she was a prominent, visible role model for  breastfeeding mamas. That’s awesome.  She may have even made it look “cool” and perhaps there are new mothers breastfeeding their babies right now because of her.  Babies that may not have been breastfed if their mothers hadn’t seen Beyonce doing it first.

Does it really matter why she did it?  In my opinion, it doesn’t.  I don’t think it matters if you are making the choice to breastfeed your baby for all the awesome benefits, because you don’t want to shell out big bucks for formula or because you are too lazy to wash out and prepare bottles (raising my hand here, this is why I started all those years ago.  That was a selling point for me, I’ll admit it.) Regardless as to what prompted her (or me, or you) to make the decision, a baby got to have some of that liquid gold.

Do I wish she had nursed longer? Of course- it would have been super cool to have such a well-known and glamorous woman as a breastfeeding advocate, but I also strongly believe that everyone has to do what works for them.  And I believe that even a little bit of breastmilk is better than none.

We aren’t privy to the details of her life- we don’t know why she stopped.  Maybe she fell victim to the booby-traps that can mess up milk supply.  Maybe she is sad because her milk dried up.  Maybe she just didn’t want to do it anymore.  Who knows?  Judging a celebrity (or any mom really) for the duration of her nursing relationship might make us feel superior, but it certainly isn’t doing the breastfeeding cause any favors.  This isn’t an “all or nothing” sort of thing.  The lack of compassion and the way so many of us “lactivists” are quick to jump on the judgy train is just what makes some people turn a deaf ear to our message.


5 Responses to Beyonce Breastfed for 10 weeks… So what?

  1. Yes, yes, yes! All of this. Breastfeeding is great. Kudos to her for even trying in a culture where her body is considered public domain Instead of her own&her baby’s.

  2. I’m finishing up my BSN online by completing an evidenced based practice project on baby friendly hospital policies. My fellow nursing students recently took me to task for promoting a process that “denies the father the capability of meeting a basic need of a new child.” Someone else came on and commented that breastfeeding mothers need to “respect themselves and others and cover themselves when breastfeeding.” Even in an environment where breastfeeding should be, if for no other reason, valued for its many, many evidenced based benefits, it is devalued.

    I agree with you whole heartedly that judging does not promote breastfeeding; however, I’m tired of feeling judged myself :(

    • I would reply that YOU are not “denying fathers” anything — they can thank Mother Nature/GOd/evolution for that! As for meeting the basic needs of the child, how about changing diapers? Bathing? Or simply CUDDLING? All of these are tasks which fathers can not only DO, but in which they can excel — as evidenced by my how husband. As for the covering comment…I think the best response is “Why? Why would/should a mother cover a child who is eating? It’s EATING. It’s not sexual or indecent. Anyone who has a problem with it can look away.” Surely these future nurses aren’t suggesting that mothers should cover up in the hospital??

      My mom is an RN/BSN with many years of L&D experience, and she has definitely worked with some women who sound like the ones in your class. Unfortunately when you combine the fact that the vast majority of nurses are women (with many of them being mothers) with the prevalence of formula feeding in this country, you are going to have issues with personal bias against breastfeeding. I personally feel that demonstrated breastfeeding knowledge and support should be a requirement for any nurse to work in L&D or peds and should be included in annual evaluations.

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