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Babywearing Done Right

Which one looks comfortable?


This isn’t meant to condemn parents who use the carriers on the right, its just meant to show that while all babywearing is great, some carriers are more comfortable and safer for the baby than others.

I don’t think anyone would like to be in a carrier where they are basically dangling in mid air, held up by their crotch!


Seriously? I was making the point that seated is better than dangling, and it really is the right way to do it for baby’s hip/spine and general comfort level.  I’m sure some moms have never thought about it.  Hell, I had a bjorn when Hannah was an infant and I certainly never thought about it.  It doesn’t make me a bad mother.  If you use one of those types of carriers it doesn’t make you a bad mother either.

I doodled a cartoon to get people talking.  And its getting shared quite a bit, which helps spread the word the seated is better than dangling, so I’m quite happy about that.

It isn’t meant to make anyone feel guilty- people jump straight to the guilt train way too easily. My thoughts are: would you rather sit on a ski lift chair or be carried up to the slope dangling from straps in the air by your crotch?

Newest Creation: Breastfeeding and Babywearing Goddess doll!

Say hello to my newest beauty!

A perfect example of the beauty of motherhood- a momma goddess doll with her baby in a sling.    I really love making these dolls- and because I strive to make each doll as perfect as possible- everything (except for the doll body) is made by hand- and I add all sorts of great things: bead work, embroidery,  pockets, ribbons, etc- I love how unique each doll is!

I currently make several sizes:

a 9″ doll -$25.00

a 6″ doll -$20.00

a 4″ doll -$15.00

(not sure if I could do a 4″ doll with a baby/sling but I could try!)

($8.00 shipping- USA- if outside of the US contact me and we’ll figure it out)

If interested you can email me: kitchenwitchwoman@gmail.com

Check out my other creations!

A beautiful prezzie for an awesome momma!

The witchlings explore our new neighborhood…

We moved!

We are no longer living below crappy-horrible-noisy-people!

I have been so busy the past few weeks.  It is no small thing to move an entire house full of stuff, four children, and a cat  without the huz!  I’m so grateful for the friends that helped us move the large furniture on moving day! I busted my ass for weeks beforehand to get as much out as I could, to make things easier.  Anything that would fit in my truck (Ford Explorer) I moved by myself.

I’ve worked day and night and thankfully the first floor is completely unpacked. Everything has a place.

The second floor.  Woo baby.  That’s going to be fun.

Today I needed a break and took the littles for a walk.

I can’t believe I’m showing you a full body pic of me (cringe)

Anyway.  That is our house behind us.  We are standing on the bike path. That is how close it is!

PS What is up with that hair in my face???

Han took the picture of us, so I took one of her. Isn’t she beautiful?

Cooper was snuggled up on my back.

The kids thought the tunnel was fun.

Playing follow the leader…

This is a zombie hole.  Apparently they crawl out at night.

This is her “I’m hungry” face.

She makes this face often.

Fresh air and warm momma make Cooper sleepy.

He napped all the way home!

See? Out cold.

Can you tell they are related?


Today I figured out that I can wear Willow AND still reach the sink to do the dishes! She fell asleep, lulled by the running water, and Momma singing along to ‘The Best of Pagan Song’ I couldn’t help taking pictures…  Look at those cute little piggy toes peeking out the bottom! I guess I…Continue Reading