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It Really is Bananas!

Upon request, here is the epic thread from The Good Letdown. The idea of her (the woman that took screenshots from my page and wouldn’t remove the images and names of my readers, even after she was repeatedly asked) complaining about improper use of someone’s images was just too much. If that’s true, it sucks, but it is still hypocritical and funny. We just couldn’t help ourselves!Continue Reading

Route Sixty-Sicks

It started out ok. We listened to music and sang and Hannah and T discovered they are twins of giant geekdom proportions. And then Cooper started fussing. And then he started to cry. And then he vomited. EVERYWHERE. It was so bad. But that wasn’t the worst part.Continue Reading

Why Yes Mom, we do!

I mean, if you are a fan of True Blood do you walk into restaurants worrying that your waitress might be telepathic and pluck the naughty thoughts out of your brain? Of course not. So why would you think my hobbies might include trying to raise Fido from the back garden’s pet cemetery? Continue Reading