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Teen Moms Need Support!

teen mom

This morning I read about a young woman, a teen mother, who is trying to breastfeed her baby but her high school is making things exceedingly difficult for her to do so.

“The nurse, a counselor and a school administrator recommended Jaielyn only breastfeed her son before and after school hours. This recommendation would not be changed regardless of whether or not a doctor’s note is able to be obtained. This would mean Jaielyn could not pump for or nurse her baby for over eight hours every weekday.”

This makes me sad.  Here is a young mother who is making her first decision as a parent, to breastfeed her child, and is also trying to finish school- which can only help her better provide for her child and I just don’t understand why her school is unwilling to support her!

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2012!

Covered or uncovered, brazen and bold- however you choose to “NIP” every single time you do it you are helping breastfeeding a child to become a normal part of life again.    Every time you sit on a bench, booth, on the grass, or even walking around the mall, you are exposing (pardon the pun) more people to the boring-everydayness of breastfeeding.  So feed your babies.  Maybe another mom will decide to sit down and feed her baby too. 


Three Years Nursing! Happy Birthday Cooper!

Cooper turns three today!


Today Cooper turns three years old!  We’re still nursing, and proud of it!

So happy birthday to my little boy, happy “birth” day to me (27 hours of labor.  Whew!) and I’m very happy that we can let Cooper breastfeed until he is ready to be finished! (He’s almost done. He nurses for a paltry few minutes here and there, and not even every day anymore.  My baby is a big boy now!)