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Category Archives: Breastfeeding

Touched Out

Sometimes the fidgeting, the twiddling, the pinching, scraping, foot dangling, pulling, kicking, kneading, hair curling, lip grabbing, shoving, chomping, and humming can bring you to the point where you feel like you want to crawl out of your own skin. Continue Reading

Recipe: No Knead Oat Bread

This recipe makes one loaf of a light oat bread that is perfect for sandwiches and is so simple to make that I will no longer buy bread from the store. Also? Oats are fantastic for increasing breastmilk production! Maybe I should have titled this recipe as Lactation Bread!Continue Reading

Because Breasts Are Gross Yo

I have a few things to say about the whole,”Let’s not give them something to talk about, just cover it up” mentality. Especially when it comes from another nursing mother. This is just adding to the stigma surrounding the whole breastfeeding in public issue. Continue Reading