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Category Archives: Food

Recipe: No Knead Oat Bread

This recipe makes one loaf of a light oat bread that is perfect for sandwiches and is so simple to make that I will no longer buy bread from the store. Also? Oats are fantastic for increasing breastmilk production! Maybe I should have titled this recipe as Lactation Bread!Continue Reading

Recipe: Homemade Goat Cheese

I looked up how to make goat cheese, and I was so surprised at how simple it is to do! All you need is lemon juice, which I always have on hand (once a henna artist, always a henna artist!) in my kitchen pantry.Continue Reading

Simple Pie Crust

I am terrified of pie crust… This recipe has helped me work through my fear, its a day-to-day type thing, but my therapist and I are working it out. I urge you to try making this recipe if you are also afraid to make your own pie crust.Continue Reading