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A Weighty Issue



I had my first home visit from my midwife yesterday.  I was really looking forward to it!  I love my midwife– she is friendly, understanding, and assertive without being pushy.  She’s always cheerful and puts me in a good mood when I see her.  She has been WONDERFUL about my size.  She doesn’t weigh me, because I have such anxiety about it…  She understands that I’m trying not to have my weight be the focus of this pregnancy.  Instead, we talk about what I’m eating and how I can focus on making healthy choices.  I look forward to my visits with her, and it has been SO NICE and stress free!  I’ve had a great pregnancy- no issues at all.  Even now at 34 weeks, my only complaints are heartburn and pressure/Braxton-Hicks.

Everything was going well, I thought, but then she mentioned that the OB that works with them looked over my chart and isn’t happy that I haven’t been weighed.

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Teen Moms Need Support!

teen mom

This morning I read about a young woman, a teen mother, who is trying to breastfeed her baby but her high school is making things exceedingly difficult for her to do so.

“The nurse, a counselor and a school administrator recommended Jaielyn only breastfeed her son before and after school hours. This recommendation would not be changed regardless of whether or not a doctor’s note is able to be obtained. This would mean Jaielyn could not pump for or nurse her baby for over eight hours every weekday.”

This makes me sad.  Here is a young mother who is making her first decision as a parent, to breastfeed her child, and is also trying to finish school- which can only help her better provide for her child and I just don’t understand why her school is unwilling to support her!

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Do You Think You Should Be Eating That?

The point is unless they ask you it is NEVER OK to tell someone what they can or can’t eat. Especially someone on the internet that you have never even met. You don’t know if that person has an eating disorder, or serious issues about their body or food. You don’t know their health or their history. So even an innocent or well-meant offhand comment can have a major effect on someone. Continue Reading

How to plan to eat for $50 a week

I’ve been asked several times to explain how a family of six can eat well for $50 a week. It is a lot of work- but it is possible. Low budget and healthy cooking requires prep work and planning but it isn’t hard once you get the hang of it! Continue Reading

Why Are You Doing It?

I want to buy dozens of pairs of fantastic boots that slide all the way up my lovely calves. I want to choose clothes because they are pretty and I LIKE them and not because they fit properly and disguise my rolls. I don’t want to feel like I need to apologize or hide. I want to feel good inside my skin.Continue Reading

Gluten Free Again?

I think Patrick is starting to have food issues again. On top of the emotional stuff, he is starting to get rashy again, and has been complaining about tummy problems. I think we are going to go gluten-free again. Continue Reading