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How Are You Doing It?

I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last three weeks. And every time I announce another pound gone someone on twitter or facebook or text asks “How are you doing it?” They all want to know what the magickal secret to my success is. And I’m here to tell you…Continue Reading

Update: My Fitness Goals

A few days after moving here I started walking again. I panted and sweated my way up that giant hill of murder and doom and stumbled into my house to collapse on my bed. This was not working, so I had to try something else before that hill killed me! Continue Reading

Patrick is OK!

This morning he was so excited when he woke up! He jumped on my bed and said “Mommy!!! I’m BETTER!!!” The rash has mostly cleared off his face, and the spots on his body have faded to a light pink. I am so relieved.
Continue Reading

Update On My Four Mile A Day Goal

Week two of my personal “walk four miles a day” challenge got off to a rough start. . I felt like nature was thwarting my attempts to reduce the size of my ass. After several bouts of cursing and shaking my fist at the gray sky I decided to go anyway. Continue Reading

I started walking again.

I allowed myself time to grieve but now I need to get moving again. A couple of things spurred me into motion. I had been so wrapped up in the drama of my own body that I was oblivious to the mess we were living in. Also? I weighed myself. Continue Reading

Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy

So here I am, nursing an almost toddler, who is still very dependent on his “milkies” and I am due sometime in November. I’ve been asking for people to share their experiences nursing through pregnancy and tandem nursing and the results seem to be a mixed bag of “it was fine” and “I had to stop because of A, B, C”. Continue Reading

Getting Needled

The idea that someone would say that I am abusing or neglecting my children because I make an informed choice not to vaccinate is abhorrent to me. My husband and I do not take our parenting decisions lightly. We do not make choices about the health and safety of our children based on what is thought to be “cool”. I resent that statement. Continue Reading

Charity in a Can

Come on people- if all you are doing is reaching for the dustiest thing in the furthest reaches of your closet are you trying to help the person you are giving it to- or trying to make YOU feel better by convincing yourself that you have “helped” them?Continue Reading