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Thursday Q&A: What Curriculum do you use?

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Claudia Asks:

“Hi! I’ve been following you for probably a year now and have had my 7 year old in public school since kindergarten midyear. He’s going to third grade next year. I am a newly single mom and have two more. I’ve been agonizing over it, but I keep coming back to homeschooling. I am considering it again. I am currently researching curriculum and even considering unschooling him. I don’t know yet what would suit my two girls (4 & 2). I’ve been searching for the post you made a little while back where you mentioned what curriculum you use for your kids but can’t find it! Would you mind sharing what curriculum you use for your kids and why it works for them? I’d really appreciate it!”Continue Reading

This is Homeschool: Learning on the go!


Homeschool is so cool- for many reasons!  But one of my favorite parts is that lessons can happen anywhere, anytime.  Lessons can be triggered by the most unlikely things. For example, Patrick’s reading has been kicking into higher and higher gear- he reads every word he sees: billboards, signs, advertisements, products in the stores.  If it is printed, he will read it.  Today he read “Replacements” and somehow that started a conversation about words that are weird.

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Dollar Store Valentines

The homeschool group that we belong to has a Valentine’s Day party planned for this week.  The kids are supposed to make little “mailboxes” so that they can exchange Valentine cards with each other.  I had lofty aspirations of handmade Valentines worthy of pinterest, but alas- due to lack of funds and tons of procrastination…Continue Reading

Homeschool- We Are Sticking With It!

I was getting nervous as the years crept on, and Patrick got closer and closer to being eight years old and still not reading on his own… But being gentle and letting him figure it out a little at a time paid off this past February when he had that nearly audible “CLICK” moment and began to read. Continue Reading


It is crazy what you can live on if you have to. It is eye-opening to find out what you can live without if you need to. To us, raising our kids this way is worth it. We chose this lifestyle, for them, so that we can be together and help them learn and grow, because we think it is important and special to be a part of that process. Continue Reading