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A Positive Presence

positive presence
Photo credit: V. Appleby

This is what my kid did on Friday night with her friends… They stood in the square downtown, next to the bible thumping signs of protestors with signs bearing happy, positive messages. Her friend M has been going for several weeks now, and Hannah really wanted to go too.  I was worried about what it would be like and if she would be safe, but also knew that it could be a great experience for her.

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A Low Point For Me

teen mom

Hannah and Me

Hannah and I were talking in the car today about the heat.  Our A/C is not working, so car rides can get HOT.  She was wearing long pants and a short sleeve shirt, and she said she would like to wear her shorts and a tank top but wasn’t sure if it was OK to hang out with her friends.  I replied that if she wanted to wear that, then she should, that there was nothing inappropriate about bare arms and legs on a hot summer day and as long she was comfortable in it she was just fine.  I added that when I was a kid I used to dress like that in the summer too.

She said…  “Well, yeah, but you got pregnant at seventeen.”

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Acts of Kindness

I love this idea so much. I love that people are taking something horrific and ugly and finding a way to honor those lost with kindness and peace. So the kids and I have started our own tally of acts of kindness. And we are enjoying it SO much! Continue Reading

Guest Post: Autonomy of a Tickle

Today I have a guest post from Momma Jorje!  You can find her blog here and her facebook here!  Please take a minute to follow and like her- she is one of my favorite people!  When I was a preteen, I remember my brother tickling me to the point of crying. I’d be yelling for…Continue Reading

Parenting Fail: Eating My Words

I brought James to work, and when I got back to the house, they still had not found the books. I told them we weren’t going o go to the library if we couldn’t find them. I stomped around a bit. Then I remembered. The last time we went to the library… Willow wasn’t with us. Continue Reading