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Route Sixty-Sicks

It started out ok. We listened to music and sang and Hannah and T discovered they are twins of giant geekdom proportions. And then Cooper started fussing. And then he started to cry. And then he vomited. EVERYWHERE. It was so bad. But that wasn’t the worst part.Continue Reading

A Little Help For My Friend

You all know I don’t monetize my site. No ads, no sponsors, no reviews for free stuff. But today I am asking for help. This is my friend Suzanne and her son “J”. Suzanne hasn’t seen her son since April, and needs our help to bring him home.Continue Reading

Alone Time

Today the huz took all the kids out so I could have some time to myself. What did I choose to do? READ? NAP? Nope. I cleaned. It never fails to amaze me how quickly I can get through a cleaning without the kids here.Continue Reading