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Anxiety Sucks.


Anxiety sucks.

I do well enough most of the time.  I used to be agoraphobic, and I still prefer having people over my house than going out.  Partly because I have five kids and I loathe having my pack descend upon an unsuspecting friend’s home, and partly because I get nervous when I have to go to new places or put myself into new situations.  I am functional.  My kids have friends, we participate in field trips and park days.  I can venture forth into the wilds of Target or the farmers market to shop and run errands without having a panic attack.

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Birth Order

I get to look through the pictures and coo over his tiny hands and wrinkled baby skin. It made me think back to my hospital births with my first four babies, and Henry’s homebirth…Continue Reading

Don’t Assume.

Just because you may know people who are taking advantage (or know someone that knows someone) that does not mean there aren’t ten times that many people just struggling to survive. I’m sure every time I swiped my food stamp card with the baby on my hip people looked at me as just another single mom with no baby daddy present, lazy and milking the system because how DARE I not have a job…Continue Reading

Bike Rides and Mean Dogs

It was BEAUTIFUL today- mid 70s and we just had to get out and enjoy the weather! The down point of the day……… I got into an altercation with my crappy neighbors about their crappy snappy barky dog. I have social anxiety, but apparently I was angry and mama bear enough to yell at the neighbors.Continue Reading

Acts of Kindness

I love this idea so much. I love that people are taking something horrific and ugly and finding a way to honor those lost with kindness and peace. So the kids and I have started our own tally of acts of kindness. And we are enjoying it SO much! Continue Reading

I’m Not Looking For Placation. Just Fix it.

Today, my landlord sent a repair person to the house. The guy obviously thought I was being paranoid. His behavior was just a hair above eye-rolling condescension. I swear I thought he was going to refer to me as the “little lady”. He finally decided he would replace a valve, but made it clear he was doing it to make me feel better. Continue Reading