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Pagan Kids’ Thoughts on Death

The kids wanted to know what happened, why was mommy crying? So I told them what happened. They remembered Eric and they were sad too. I braced myself for some hard questions, but I should have known, after growing up with the specter of my father, my kids know more about death than most. Continue Reading

Pardon the Mess!

My blog is going to be all funky for a while, while my amazing friend Natalie is working on a temporary template. Eventually I should have a sparkly new design. *Fingers crossed!*Continue Reading

Big News: Moving Again!

James and I moved from Maine to Rhode Island with two days notice. Heck, I packed up the whole house and moved the kids thirteen hundred miles across the country in three weeks. I can move us seven miles across town in a week. I hope. Continue Reading

Clean Machine

Dear reader, I want to be a better and more interesting blogger with awesome content… But my life keeps getting in the way! I hope you stick around until I sort it out! Continue Reading

Patrick has a cello!

I did wonder if he would actually like the cello once he got his. Its a big instrument and he’s a gangly awkward kid. But now I can see that this is a great experience for him. And cellos, like bow-ties and fezzes, are cool. Continue Reading