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At the pub…

I’ve discovered that I love having the opportunity to just be me for a little while- no one needed me, I had no job other than my dolls. There were no noses to wipe or arguments to mediate. I think having a little time to recharge my mommy batteries is going to help me parent my littles with more love and understanding than they’ve been getting lately. Continue Reading

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Review: Holyclothing Venus Sundress

I don’t often do reviews, because I want to keep my blog about writing and life and art. But if there is something I really want to try, I’ll gladly do one! I have been eyeing Holyclothing.com’s dresses for-ev-ah and I’ve never gotten up the nerve to buy anything.Continue Reading

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One year ago today.

One year ago today I lost my baby. Today I am a little sad, but I think I’m ready to move on and put away that terrible moment in time. Maybe, someday, there will be another little baby in my life.Continue Reading

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Once There Was a Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl. She wasn’t a particularly happy child, but she loved to be creative and spent every spare moment adding to the towering stacks of drawing books and canvases and endlessly scribbled her poems and short stories in her school notebooks. Continue Reading

Fat Shadows

I am this person. For however long it takes me to whittle myself down to a socially acceptable number on the scale, I will be fat. I’ve been working for the past six months toward a healthier me, not for that possibly unattainable number or for those people, but for me. And I just can’t bear to be ashamed any longer.Continue Reading

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Why Are You Doing It?

I want to buy dozens of pairs of fantastic boots that slide all the way up my lovely calves. I want to choose clothes because they are pretty and I LIKE them and not because they fit properly and disguise my rolls. I don’t want to feel like I need to apologize or hide. I want to feel good inside my skin.Continue Reading

A Curious Phenomenon

A curious phenomenon has been occurring when meeting new people in Missouri. People keep calling me (and Cooper too) “ethnic” and “Mediterranean”. I find it extremely interesting how moving to another part of the country has changed the way people see me, and even how I see myself. Continue Reading

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Growing up my hopes and dreams were set upon being enough. For someone, for anyone. Now as an adult, I still wonder when that will happen. Deep down inside, in that bruised secret-spot, I still worry that I will never be enough. Continue Reading

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