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Things I’m Doing That You Might Find Weird…

Henry In My Lap

Ok dear reader, I would wager that quite a few of you far surpass me in crunchy-land, but I’m sure my style of mothering a baby might look weird to a lot of people that are not from that country. 

Also…  This is how *I* choose to parent, and is not a commentary on how anyone else does it. I just thought it might be interesting to show you how we do it here in this witch’s household.  

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I’ve Created A Coloring Book!

A Gentle Parenting Coloring BookMy very first coloring book is for sale as a pdf on etsy!!!  Tell your friends!!!

A few weeks ago, a facebook friend commissioned me to do coloring pages for a website.  While I completed that task, I rediscovered my love for drawing simple line drawings.  I had always found it very soothing to draw, and after I finished the job I continued to sketch and outline while watching Hulu until I had a stack of random attachment parenting pictures.  When I saw where my work was headed, I posted them on my facebook page and asked my readers if they would be interested in a coloring book with an AP theme.  The response was awesome.

So I took those images and made them into a coloring book available as a PDF in my etsy store.  And it is selling like hot cakes.  People are sharing it everywhere!  If you would like your own copy, you can find it here.

I am going to order a bound version with a color cover today, and if it turns out well I will have that available for purchase later this week!  I think it would make a great gift this holiday season, don’t you?


UPDATE:  I now have a printed/bound version available for purchase here. 

A Weekend Visit with my Bloggy Friends!

Jorje and Dionna "NIP"

A few weeks ago I got to hang out with some of my bloggy friends: Dionna of Codename: Mama, Jorje of Momma Jorje and Amy of Presence Parenting!

Jorje stayed over our house- I really love having company over and Jorje’s family were such easy and pleasant guests!  Sasha and Cooper are the same age and Jorje’s older daughter and Hannah are friends so our families are pretty well matched for hanging out together.

On Saturday we went to Dickerson Zoo.  We hadn’t been there before, but it was “dollar day” and we wanted to take advantage of that!  I ended up only paying two dollars for my kids because Jorje had a membership thingy.  Good deal!  We met up with Dionna and family and I just had to get a picture of the double “nursing in public” moment!

Because it was “family day” there were a ton of signs and booths talking about crib sleeping and other practices that were the opposite of the way all three of us parent our children.  It was funny!

Later on we met Amy at the park for a cookout.  The weather looked iffy but we decided to risk it and it ended up being perfect.  Overcast and cool, but no rain.  At one point it rained spiders from the tree I was sitting under and I am quite proud that I didn’t shriek like a lunatic when baby spiders started crawling into my bra.  The kids had a fantastic time playing while the parents chatted and I got the chance to do some belly henna for Amy.

Pretty belly henna!

The next day, Dionna came over to hang with us while her husband took their son to a ballgame.

I was worried about what to make for our “brunch” because it had to be dairy free….  I haven’t been dairy free for at least a year and I had forgotten that dairy is in so many things!

I made my yummy chocolate avocado dip, spinach quiche for Jorje (not dairy free, but Jorje LOVES quiche) and roasted veggies over quinoa salad that Dionna brought.

We nibbled while Dionna knitted and at one point all three of us nursed our little ones.  It was very fitting for a “Natural Parents Network” member visit.  We got some great pictures of the littles, I even have one of Cooper passed out on the floor between my feet.  He played until he dropped!  He still misses Sasha and keeps talking about when “Sasha lives with us again”.

Nursing my toddler

The next day everyone headed back to their own homes and life got back to normal.  I miss them and hope we can do this again too!  I feel very lucky that I live close enough to visit with my online mama friends!  James says we’ll have to go back up to Kansas City and pay Dionna a visit soon!

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