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My Boring Rebellion

Why should what we do be considered unconventional? I think it is sad that the way we raise our children mark us as “different” amongst our parenting peers. For example, is it really unconventional to use your breasts for their intended purpose? Breastfeeding should be the normal way to feed a baby. Continue Reading

Top 10 Things In My Arsenal of Kitchen Witchy Mama Tricks.

I try to parent as gently as I can, and I want to have as natural a home environment for my littles as possible. I do my best to keep the chemicals and preservatives out of our house, to reduce the garbage that piles in front of our house on trash day. I want to show my kids that doing our part to take care of the world we live in is important.
Continue Reading

Ode to the Loo

I don’t have any fantastic parenting books, tools or methods for you- no new-fangled devices or theories. My sanity saver is a good old-fashioned “time out”. Only… For me, not the littles. Give me a book, a cell phone and ten minutes of peace and quiet behind a locked bathroom door and you will find me a better mother at the end of the day. Continue Reading

It is just a breast. It makes milk. Get over it.

By the time Cooper was born I was an out and proud self-proclaimed lactivist. Seriously, my breasts are in more pictures floating around the vast depths of the internet than most porn stars. These gals of mine get around. You can see them on twitter, my blog, and facebook, in movie theaters, grocery stores, bank and post office lines. Continue Reading