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Treading Water

sleeping brothers

Henry has his first cold.

And it has been a bit stressful. I can’t do anything… Every two minutes (literally) Henry will cry and need me to do something about it. Get my boob out. Put it away. Rock him. Give him a toy. Rock him again. Clean up spit up. Hug him. Hand him a toy. Get my boob back out. Hold him. Sing to him.  Give him a toy.  Get my boob out.  Most of the time, no one but mama will do so we just hang out in my bed.  Cooper is also ill and needs mama.  It has been me and the two littlest in my bed all weekend long.  Hannah and Patrick are also sick, but handling it better.  They are just grumpy and tired for the most part.

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Attachment Parenting is really just parenting.

sleep tight!
Oh the man I married!

My MIL in the UK tagged me on a facebook post where she shared this video

“What an obnoxious woman Katie Hopkins is ……I hope her children rebel against her and marry someone called Storm or Windchime! Joni and James, you will ‘love’ this ! X”

James responded with the following comment.  I love it so much I had to share it with you!

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Baby on the Move!

baby movin

Henry is on the move.  Three and a half months old and he is rolling 0ver from back to front and scooting/army crawling up and down my bed!

He started out on the polka dot blanket…  muslin swaddling.  I’m obsessed with that stuff.  This, FYI, was part of a four piece Aden and Anais set.  Anyway.  I had laid him on his back on the blanket and then flopped beside him to check out facebook.  He rolled over, and I could feel him wiggling but when I looked down he seemed happy enough, sucking on his hand next to my hip.

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Things I’m Doing That You Might Find Weird…

Ok dear reader, I would wager that quite a few of you far surpass me in crunchy-land, but I’m sure my style of mothering a baby might look weird to a lot of people that are not from that country. Also… This is how *I* choose to parent, and is not a commentary on how anyone else does it. I just thought it might be interesting to show you how we do it here in this witch’s household. Continue Reading

This is Homeschool: Learning on the go!

Which turned into a discussion about puberty… And Patrick shouting “YES! Someday I will have tadpoles! Ooooh yeah!” (He knows what sperm is, but insists on saying tadpoles) And Willow cackling madly at the thought of Hannah “laying an egg” every month (even after I explained about the size of the egg released). Continue Reading

Parenting Fail: Eating My Words

I brought James to work, and when I got back to the house, they still had not found the books. I told them we weren’t going o go to the library if we couldn’t find them. I stomped around a bit. Then I remembered. The last time we went to the library… Willow wasn’t with us. Continue Reading