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Parenting on the Road

While he is gone, I have to be both mommy and daddy. I have to be the fix it lady, the furniture builder, the maker of silly voices, and the sporty parent. But when he comes home, the kids are stuck to him like glue. Continue Reading

Touched Out

Sometimes the fidgeting, the twiddling, the pinching, scraping, foot dangling, pulling, kicking, kneading, hair curling, lip grabbing, shoving, chomping, and humming can bring you to the point where you feel like you want to crawl out of your own skin. Continue Reading

The Cost of Raising a Family

I love our family, and I don’t regret our decision to have four children (and perhaps one more) even during our poorest times. We made it work and we are stronger for it. I’m not advocating for anyone to make the same choices we have, I’m just saying that you can live without many of the things people think are “necessities”. Continue Reading

Parenting a Teen

I have a bunch of littles (sometimes it feels like fifty but really it is just three) and one daughter firmly entrenched in her teen years. So many blogs are devoted to parenting a young child; I thought it might be a refreshing change to address what it is like to be an attachment parent with a teenager. Continue Reading

The Importance of Being Willow

Willow is the one that leaves the huz and I shaking our heads in exasperation, and occasionally quaking in our boots when we think about the future. She has a spine of steel. She has buckets of self confidence and she is just so damn secure in her own awesomeness. Continue Reading