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Don’t Assume.

Once it was just us…

Don’t assume.

Don’t assume “those people” aren’t trying. 

Don’t assume they are lazy. 

Don’t assume that life is easier for them. 

Just because you may know people who are taking advantage (or know someone that knows someone) that does not mean there aren’t ten times that many people just struggling to survive. I’m sure every time I swiped my food stamp card with the baby on my hip people looked at me as just another single mom with no baby daddy present, lazy and milking the system because how DARE I not have a job…

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This Time, No Regrets!


 This image is from my new coloring book.  Check it out!

On Thursday I posted a picture of my belly bump.  For me to do this is kind of a big deal-  I spend most of my life trying to hide the majority of my body from public scrutiny.  Is it modesty?  No.  Its because I am FAT.  And, you know, no one wants to see that.  Etc.  And because of this ridiculous worry over what other people think- I hide behind tasteful layers and the infamous “fat girl photo angle” and edit out the rest of me- the part considered unsafe for public viewing.

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Bike Rides and Mean Dogs

bike ride

James came home for the weekend after dropping off a student in Joplin.  It was BEAUTIFUL today- mid 70s and we just had to get out and enjoy the weather!  In the morning, I opened all the windows and turned on the attic fan to air out the house while the whole family worked on getting the house tidy.  The house was scrubbed down, including the three kid rooms (which are always a disaster) and we deep cleaned the living and family rooms, and caught up on the laundry.  Then James and I took the kids bowling, went for a bike ride (I walked with the littlest two around the neighborhood for an hour but James took the bigger two on an eight mile ride down the bike path).  And then we came home to yummy chicken and dumplings in the crockpot!  Good stuff!

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Do You Think You Should Be Eating That?

The point is unless they ask you it is NEVER OK to tell someone what they can or can’t eat. Especially someone on the internet that you have never even met. You don’t know if that person has an eating disorder, or serious issues about their body or food. You don’t know their health or their history. So even an innocent or well-meant offhand comment can have a major effect on someone. Continue Reading

Her Sons Are Cut!

One reader suggested I should ask the WHOLE Network to start a fundraiser to build me a time machine so I can go back and educate myself before the birth of my first son. Barring that I guess I will have to keep seeing the phrase “HER SONS ARE CUT!!!” strewn about the internet wherever people talk about my blog. Continue Reading

Warning: I Would Break Your Window

That little baby could have easily died and that stupid fucking woman was laughing! I was so angry I was shaking. The rescue truck came and they took the baby into the back to be checked out and I just stood there, flabbergasted that she actually thought this was funny. It was so funny that we were making this huge deal about her being gone for “a few minutes!” Continue Reading

It Really is Bananas!

Upon request, here is the epic thread from The Good Letdown. The idea of her (the woman that took screenshots from my page and wouldn’t remove the images and names of my readers, even after she was repeatedly asked) complaining about improper use of someone’s images was just too much. If that’s true, it sucks, but it is still hypocritical and funny. We just couldn’t help ourselves!Continue Reading