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Pagan Kids’ Thoughts on Death

Visiting Grandpa Pat's Grave
Visiting My Dad’s Grave

Last week, a former employee of the pub that James works at passed away.  He was struck by an eighteen wheeler while riding his bicycle through an intersection. When James told me, I burst into tears.  We weren’t particularly close, in fact I hadn’t seen him since he stopped working at the pub, but I was so sad that someone so young (my age!) was gone.  He had been to our house, had celebrated the fourth of July with us, he had been over for dinners and goofed around with my kids.  We had spent a lot of time talking on summer nights while we waited for the last stragglers to leave the pub so James could close up.  He was a nice guy, though quite messed up.  I was crying because my first thought was “now he’ll never have the chance to get himself sorted and on the right path.”

The kids wanted to know what happened, why was mommy crying?  So I told them what happened.  They remembered Eric and they were sad too.  I braced myself for some hard questions, but I should have known, after growing up with the specter of my father, my kids know more about death than most.  And the kids took care of it on their own.

Willow: “What happens when we die?”

Patrick: “I think when we die we either go home to the Summerland to be with the Goddess or we get to be born again as a new baby and start over.”

Willow: “That sounds nice.”

Patrick: “Yeah, it does.”

And then they asked if we could leave flowers for Eric.  And ran off to play, all questions satisfied for the moment.




Remember… Kids are always listening!

Patrick said "Wait- I have to check the candy for Nestle!"

Last week I was at the store with Patrick and I tossed a box of Nestle Drumsticks into the carriage which was totally a brain-fart.  I don’t know what I was thinking as I do TRY to avoid Nestle wherever possible.  I mean they own, like, almost everything, which makes boycotting difficult but I do try to avoid the brands I know about!   When I got to the checkout, Patrick saw the box and said “NO WAY MOM! We don’t buy Nestle junk.  I’m putting this back.”  And he ran back to the freezer.  The cashier just looked at me, and I shrugged and said “I forgot we boycott them” and continued to unload my cart.  When he came back, the cashier asked him why he didn’t like Nestle, didn’t he like ice cream?

And Patrick looked at her, aghast, and said “Nestle does things that the World Health people don’t like. They make formula that babies in other countries drink and then sometimes they get sick and die because the water isn’t clean. They’re a bad company.” 

The cashier looked confused and didn’t say anything else.  I was proud that my kid feels so strongly about what he believes is right and wrong, and at the same time I was so surprised to see how closely he pays attention to what I say.  The kid is purely awesome, and a better activist than I am, that’s for sure.

While we are talking about informed children and ice cream, let’s talk about how much fun it is to have the kids yelling “Beaver butt juice is EVERYWHERE!!!” when you are just trying to purchase a frozen treat!

My kids won’t eat/drink anything with strawberry “flavoring” (except actual strawberries) since they learned that some strawberry, raspberry and vanilla flavoring has beaver anal gland secretions as an additive…. So now they call it “beaver butt juice” which makes for some awkward moments when you’re out in public!

It’s kind of scary to think about how everything we say and do shapes the thoughts and opinions of our children.  Even a silly comment over breakfast (beaver glands anyone?) can be tucked away and saved to be pulled out months later in a crowded aisle of the grocery store.  Raising kids to be knowledgeable about the world we live in is tricky… You have to practice what you preach and stay on your toes all the time!  Has something like this ever happened to you? Do you have little activists in your home?

Odds and Ends.

This week I’ve had a bunch of thoughts that would really be just mini-posts…  So I thought I’d string a couple of them together here.  Once upon a time my entire blog was made up of mini posts…  Waaaaay back!  Almost a decade ago. I *heart* the readers that have stuck with me through all my various bloggy phases.  When I go back and read  those posts (some only a line or two!) I am surprised anyone bothered to come back!

Who needs a maid?

I just turn the vacuum on and he is occupied for a good forty-five minutes.

I can have a cup of tea AND my floors get clean!  Total WIN!

Psst! Actually I do need a maid.  Hey huz this doesn’t get you off the hook!


Deep Freeze this weekend?  No Problem!

So all week long we have had snow, sleet and ice storms.  And I have been suffering from a doozy of a cold as well.  I’m not a happy camper!  The huz scheduled an oil delivery for next Monday, but after hearing on the radio that we should expect a deep freeze this weekend I got a little nervous.  We haven’t had an oil delivery since we put one hundred gallons in the tank on November 5th!

When I went down into the basement to check the oil tank I found this…

I can’t believe we still have oil!

Apparently this house is EXTREMELY efficient to heat!  Which makes sense, because I had one air conditioner cooling the entire downstairs this past summer.  I do try to conserve- I keep the downstairs around 64 degrees (I would put it lower, but the littles are constantly running around naked!) and the upstairs is left at 60.  It rarely kicks on up there.  I leave the oven open after I cook something, and I’ve got draft dodgers at the bottom of all the doors.

Still, I am so surprised that we have used such a small amount of oil!


My kids are funny.

If you follow me on twitter then you know they are *really* funny. I overhear them saying the craziest things.  Today’s quote cracked me up and I had to share:

Hannah: “Stop joking about your penis. You should only talk about it if you are serious.”

Patrick: (complete deadpan) “I’m always serious about my penis.”


I’ll end this with a picture I took today of two of my offspring:

They dress like this every day.  Patrick dresses as “the doctor” and Willow is a mini-fashionista.

Yesterday they arrived at Thursday playgroup in style (as always).  Patrick sported a three piece suit and Willow was in a green velvet party dress.  Patrick has been asking me to find him a “brown trench coat, in size six little boy”.  These kids are so much fun!

Witchling Words

Hannah to Patrick- “Ok! You can lick yourself, but stop licking the keyboard!” “Momma, I’ve got my baby out of the fridge!” “Patrick, its ok to play with that baby, but you better not throw it or stab it with anything…” “Can I stick my fork in it?” “No. We are eating that for dinner…Continue Reading