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Company is welcome… But call first!

I love having company.  I am not so much a fan of company that happens to just drop by, because I am usually caught in pajamas (and more importantly, sans-bra) which can be a bit awkward depending on who it is.  My house is never more than fifteen minutes from tidy, so a quick phone call to warn of impending visitors will result in me running around like a headless chicken, vacuuming, picking up AND getting decently dressed- and it all has to be done in time to catch my breath and look cool and collected by the time our guests arrived.

Because of course I want to be able to utter those fabulous words, “Oh dear, if I had known you were coming I would have tidied up a bit.” while gesturing around my clean and neat little house.  I am, after all, a housewife, its my JOB to keep the house clean.  When it is messy I feel like a failure. I try to remind myself that I am, after all, raising four kids alone ninety percent of the time.  And homeschooling them.  And juggling my blog, my dolls, my art, and everything else.  I try to not let it get me down…

But it can be really depressing, in a soul-sucking kind of way to spend hours of your day working to make things nice, and by the end of the day it still looks like nothing was done.  Wash the floors?  An hour later someone tracks mud and salt in all over your lovely Murphy’s Oil Soap shine.  Do the laundry?  Someone pees their pants, someone else smears paint on their nice shirt and the little blonde one thinks four wardrobe changes a day are a necessity.  Spend quite a long time detail vacuuming the carpet and floorboards?  Oh, look- an entire box of rice krispies has been tracked all over and ground in.

Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes I get so fed up I just let the crap multiply and take a raincheck on the housework. Which is easy to do, since I’m alone with the littles so much of the time. I’ve found the BEST motivation is knowing we are going to have company. I love that our friends visit several times a week… Because knowing there will soon be people in our house really keeps me motivated and on track!

I’m not perfect, but I do the best I can. I am a disorganized, procrastination queen (and former flybaby) doing the best I can to keep my head above the pile of dirty, dastardly dishes waiting to do their time in my dishwasher.

How about you, dear reader… What is your least favorite chore?

7 Responses to Company is welcome… But call first!

  1. Pshaw! I don’t consider myself a “housewife” for this very reason! I’m not married to the house, but I DO make it a home for the family, so “homemaker” is a much more apt description! And anyone that knows you, and all the stuff you do, is going to TOTALLY understand if your house isn’t immaculate! Heck, anyone with a couple kids or more will understand!

  2. Company is good for getting cleaning done, but one thing I truly hate to do is the dishes. I would let them pile up for days, company or no, if it weren’t for my boyfriend and the fact that he used to live with room-mates who were very responsible about doing dishes. Now I put a dish down and it’s cleaned for me by him, and I feel GUILTY as all get-out because deep down I hope he’ll do them for me, but on the other hand he really shouldn’t have to do them every single time, lol…

  3. As one of your best friends for umpteen years now, you know you and I are very similar in many ways, including how motivated (or unmotivated) we are. Our houses looked like they were kept by teens until somewhere in our 20’s! But there comes a time when we sit there, feeling disgusted and overwhelmed by the increasing mess, when we realize we can’t live like this anymore AND be happy. Even though I try to keep a clean house, and am usually successful, I still have one battle that I’m constantly fighting. Clutter. The mail I throw on top of the refrigerator because I don’t want to deal with it (procrastination), the boys clothes I leave folded in baskets because I have to clean out their drawers (more procrastination). I’m realizing now (I’m a late learner), that procrastination is the problem, not the chore itself.

    I’m not a wife, so I’ll consider myself a house mother, who works 40 plus hours a week and still comes home to feed my kids a healthy meal and do laundry, clean, help with homework, etc. I think we both deserve a nice pat on the back for all we do!

  4. I’m the same way. Our problem is usually that the kitchen is always a mess. Always. There are ALWAYS dishes that need to be done, I clean the floor at least once a day but it never looks like it. I need a Kitchen Fairy. I guess that’s just what comes with the territory of having a large family.

  5. Even if I clean two or three times a week, our apartment collects dust like nothing I have ever seen. But I can only do so much and I figure anyone with a couple or more kids gets a free pass to have a less than showroom perfect house =)

    It helps that my husband actually hates that i clean because he doesn’t want me to feel like I am just a live in cleaning lady.

  6. I definitely don’t think that as a housewife you should be expected to have an immaculate home constantly, especially with four children. I prefer homes that are cozy and look lived in, instead of the overclean look.

    My most hated chore is dishes. Yuck. The one I don’t mind so much is laundry or vacuuming.

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