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Dollar Store Valentines


The homeschool group that we belong to has a Valentine’s Day party planned for this week.  The kids are supposed to make little “mailboxes” so that they can exchange Valentine cards with each other.  I had lofty aspirations of handmade Valentines worthy of pinterest, but alas- due to lack of funds and tons of procrastination (which will someday be my downfall, I’m sure) I was unable to find the time to get crafty and crochet doily hearts out of grocery bags or build a cupid out of SPAM.

valentines boxes
Cooper loves gluing things together!

This morning, I realized we had yet to do anything to get ready for the party- we didn’t have the mailboxes!  Or the Valentines!  And apparently we needed FIFTY of them.  Eek.  So with trepidation, James and I set out with plans to visit a couple of craft stores and look for something suitable for the kids to use as their mailboxes and I settled for finding a few packages of pre-printed cards somewhere.

On the way to the first store, I spied a Dollar Tree!  I figure it was worth a try, and we totally scored!  For less than $20 we found sparkly red boxes and packets of felt “Valentines” shapes.  We got glue and packs of glittery cardboard Valentines and little heart shaped erasers.

The kids had fun personalizing their mailboxes with the shapes.  There were enough leftover for Cooper and Willow to cover a bunch of paper with little glued on hearts and flowers, which are now decorating my fridge.

Hannah and Patrick helped me put together the Valentines.  They are super simple, just little folded over glittery bits of animal shaped cardboard with “to” and “from” and a little heart or teddy bear shaped eraser wedged inside, but I think they look kind of cute.  At least they’re useful, and not a food or candy prezzie- which I wanted to avoid since lots of our friends are careful about what they eat.

Later on, we took a couple rolls of red crepe paper ($1 for 2!) and created an obstacle course for the kids.  James put the Mission Impossible theme music on and suddenly our hallway was filled with deadly lasers!  That one dollar spent turned into HOURS of fun for the kids!

Crepe Paper Lasers


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