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Fitness Update: Back on track… Again…


Those of you wondering about my fitness goals: After a sloppy, lazy winter while I recovered from a bad ankle and then the plague…. I’m back on track!

I’ve been eating mindfully for a week now, drinking nothing but water and I’ve been trying to get my walking done regularly (I think I will make it a nightly thing!)  My ankle seems to be holding up ok and I can breathe almost normally again.

My cousin’s wedding is this fall and it would be so amazing if I could wear a pretty dress and heels instead of my normal “dressy” uniform of trousers and a nice shirt with flats.  I’d like to be able to dance with my husband and have fun without feeling self-conscious and clumsy.

I think walking at night is going to be helpful- its easier to walk when I know that

1) no one is going to cheerfully jog up the hill as I puff along.

2) No chance of sunburn.  I crisp up in minutes!

3) It is will be as cool as it can possibly get in steamy muggy southern Missouri.

I just logged in to myfitnesspal for the second day in a row, so here is hoping I can keep myself motivated and on track!

13 Responses to Fitness Update: Back on track… Again…

  1. You go girl!!! I should start walking at night too since it’s just entirely too hot to walk during the day here…. but last night, it was 86 degrees at 9pm and muggy as heck! lol (Excuses, excuses… lol)

  2. You got this! I know how you feel. At 200ish pounds, I hit the pavement this morning and walked/ran (4 min/30sec intervals) 4.5 miles!

    • WOW that is awesome!

      I am no where near ready for that. I can walk 3 miles in an hour and I am TIRED. My neighborhood is just 2 miles if I go around twice and go up and down the little side streets. And that’s all I can manage right now. There is a HUGE STEEP HILL!

      Maybe soon it will be three and then four times around!!!

      • Yeah, well, I didn’t start at 4.5 miles! My pace is right around 20:30/mi at the moment. Watch my RunKeeper updates on FB!

      • It will be the 3rd Wednesday (a week from tomorrow?) of this month, I have a morning appointment at the VA in Mt. Vernon, so we could swing over to Springfield for lunch if you can meet us.

  3. Good luck!

    I know how hard it is starting to move/exercise outside when you feel bad about yourself… the good thing is, no one is watching us anyway, most people are busy with their own egocentric worlds. ^^

    (When I started running, I was so slow even the snails overtook me.)

    But I bet you’d look gorgeous in a dress anyway!

  4. You can do it! I’m back on my yoga after a couple of months off. It’s challenging to get the habit going again, but we can do it.

  5. The NNIPL posted your breastfeeding artwork on their FB page, which lead me to your FB page, which lead me to your blog, where I saw your MFP badge… I’m on there too! I’d love to be “pals” if you’re willing! My username is motherucker.

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