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Five Years of Goddess Dolls!

I spent the day organizing my new office/study and in the process found the little notebook I keep to record goddess doll sales.  I flipped back to the first entry… And found that I sold my very first goddess doll five years ago today!  That poor doll was not the best quality, I am embarrassed to admit!  But five years and over two hundred and fifty dolls later they are much improved!

It is cool to think that I have a doll in every single state (except Alaska- still looking to send a doll there!) as well as Canada, UK, and Australia!  I’ve sold them in baby boutiques, festivals, fairs, and a store in witchy-wonderland Salem!

I don’t make dolls very often now, I like to focus on spending my free time writing and drawing, but I’d like to do something special for my anniversary!  SO…  Buy a doll between now and Sunday August 28th and shipping is free!

Because they are handmade with love, please note the time it takes me to create a doll.  It usually takes me about three weeks to complete a doll order and put her in the post, sometimes shorter but occasionally it takes longer- (I do have four kids) so please take that into consideration when ordering a doll from me.

I currently make two sizes:

a 7″ doll -$30.00

a 4″ doll -$15.00

If you are interested in a custom goddess doll of your very own, please email me and we’ll talk about your doll!

Here are some examples of my work:

*these lovelies already have been sent to their homes- this is a gallery of past work.

A fertility goddess doll.  Inside there are herbs and crystals.

A tiny 4″ doll.



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