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Goddess Dolls- July 2010

I love making these dolls!

My newest creations are so awesome- I had to share them!

A teeny-tiny 4″ fertility goddess.

A momma and baby…

So boobietastic!  I love love her.

Wouldn’t you love to get one in the mail?

I love that even the package looks like a present.

19 Responses to Goddess Dolls- July 2010

    • I use various kinds of yarn- when I can I choose the ones that feel the softest and fluffiest. Sometimes if I need a specific color then I’m stuck with what I can find. I do like the “angel hair” yarn.

      I’m thinking of doing an organic version of my dolls as well :)

  1. I am very fond of the breastfeeding Goddess Doll.
    I’ve never been really crafty, or even remotely interested in some of the craft projects out there I have seen, but I really am inspired by these.
    Oh, I really cannot wait until I get a little spending money, because I really want to buy one of these!

  2. I LOVE them!! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail and to hopefully order another one very soon!! I’m loving the baby wearing mamas! Precious. I don’t know how you part with them! Thank you so much!!

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