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Happy 10th V-day my hunky huz…

Who takes their husband for tea as a present?

I do!

My husband will be the first to tell you I suck at presents.  I mean I really, really, suck at it.  I have trouble thinking outside the box.  I get so nervous that I am going to fail that I put it out of my head and try to forget that a present giving situation is coming up.   So I was super excited that I managed to come up with a good idea for once.  One that was even a SURPRISE!  Something I’ve never managed before.

It is very difficult to surprise you significant other with something you’ve bought with the money in your joint account.  It takes the fun out of getting stuff when you know the other person is going to know exactly how much you’ve spent and where you bought it.  So…  I usually just ask him and get him whatever he tells me he wants.

But not today!

Right after we woke up I announced that we would be taking a little trip, and he better get dressed…

I made him drive, because I knew that he would probably figure out where we were going if he read the directions to me.  I told him where to go, turn by turn.  I suck at keeping secrets and had to fight the urge to tell him every five minutes.

We knew there was a British Imports shop in Connecticut, but had never actually made it out there.  Yesterday my friend and I were talking about it and I decided I would take him there as a surprise.   He has lived here for nearly eleven years and I know there are some things he really misses.

The shop is called Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry and it is a sweet little place.  It was fun walking around with James and sharing his excitement.  The shop is also a tearoom so we decided to have lunch before shopping.

Everything was delicious- we finished our meal off with scones.  James had raisin and I had lemon poppy.  They came with clotted cream, strawberry jam, and lemon curd.  I really love lemon curd.

Cooper loving his Bakewell tart.

My husband is so freakin gorgeous.

Lots of tea to choose from!

And biscuits and crisps!

He ended up with two fistfuls of candy: fingers of fudge (he even sang the song on the way home), flakes, a curlywurly, crunchies, hobnobs, various bags of crisps, proper bacon and sausages, tea, salmon paste, and beans.

He is already planning his dinner and breakfast.  We met the owner and she said if we come back later this week she will do a scotch egg for James.

I love that simple things make him happy.

18 Responses to Happy 10th V-day my hunky huz…

    • Before today I would have said that YES we do. But this morning James cooked brekkie with the imported bacon and sausage he bought and I can honestly say that there IS a difference, and the US version is no where near as good.


  1. Hi I’ve been reading your site for a while and follow you on twitter but never commented before. I’m an American lady married to a British guy too; we are living in London at the moment but when we were in the US we used to order his favorites from places like britshoppe.com and britishsupplies.com. You’ve got to get crumpets; American “English muffins” just don’t begin to compare… looks like such a fun day!

  2. A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat…. Or in this case, your husband. Having lived as an expatriot Scot in China I completely understand the need for some home treats. I hope that James particularly enjoys the chocolate Hob Nobs – I’m having one with a cup of tea right now xxx

  3. How funny! My fiancé is English (still living in England, actually – we’re getting his visa sorted out so he can move here) and we have one of those English grocery stores nearby too. Every time he comes to visit, I have chocolate Hobnobs waiting for him. :)

  4. What a fabulous pressie that tea shop looks amazing I drop by your blog a lot as it’s totally real and enjoyable.

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