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I actually like V-day.

Lots of people think Valentine’s Day is a load of bullpoopy. I don’t care that it is a “greeting card created holiday” -I like it.

Besides, there are lots of special days that weren’t created for the reasons we celebrate them.  Christmas comes to mind…  The date that Christmas is celebrated was chosen because it corresponded with pagan celebrations. Catholics eat fish on Fridays because it helped the fishing industry…  Halloween is all about candy and trick or treating even though for some it is a lot more than that.  I think the more days to celebrate the people we love, the better.

Shitty things happen every day and this world is full of people that just plain suck, so why not have designated days to show the people in your life how much you love them?  You don’t have to blow a huge wad of cash.  You don’t even have to buy an over-priced, glitterified piece of cardboard.  Just be thoughtful.  Make someone a favorite meal, knit a scarf, sing them a song.

The huz bought me roses, yes.  But it was a small bouquet, and he gave them to me because he knows roses are my favorite flowers.  He gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble because he knows above all else I love to read.  He also gave me a rose colored glass pen, because he knows I am going to try to make a go at this whole writing thing.

Thoughtful gifts to  show that he listens, he loves, he understands me.

Saturday I took the huz to a tea shop, and last night I made his favorite pineapple bars.  We do these things because we love each other and it is FUN to show that love.  We do things like this for each other all year long- we don’t save it all up for one particular day.  But because today is a special day it does make it more fun.  It is something to look forward to, as I look forward to my birthday, etc.  The kids and I will make cookies today, and I’m sure the house will soon be festooned with paper chains of hearts and there will be glitter everywhere.  It is a good thing.

I prefer to think of Valentine’s Day as yet another day to celebrate life, love, give and receive presents.

4 Responses to I actually like V-day.

  1. Caring gifts are ALWAYS good.. Valentines day or not. its SUCH a commercialized day now, and and can make those of us who are single feel bad.. We don’t have someone to share the day with

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