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I Am Content To Just BE Pregnant

According to my pregnancy app, being sixteen weeks along means my baby is the size of a turnip.  Five and a half inches long and three ounces.  Even though I don’t see a difference on the outside, this baby is getting substantial.  I have too much belly fat to have a recognizable baby bump at this stage, and since I’m still comfortably wearing my own pants, there really isn’t a visible change there.  I know I will feel better when I start feeling kicks.    But in the meantime, I did have a YAY moment when I was laying on my tummy while working on my laptop and realized I could feel the hard ball of my uterus in that position. I spent several minutes pressing my hips down into the bed and marveling over the roundness I could feel, imagining the baby within.

Being plus sized while pregnant bring a whole new set of “firsts” into play.

In my other pregnancies, it always bothered me to not have a cute belly bump.  I felt sad and envious of my friends’ more stylish maternity wear while I had to settle for what I could find that fit me.  This time, I have a bit more perspective.  I can’t magically poof myself into the right shape, and I can’t change how I am.  So I am content to just be pregnant.  It doesn’t matter if a stranger can’t tell that I am gestating.  My friends and family know, and they are happily anticipating the arrival of baby #5 right along with me.


9 Responses to I Am Content To Just BE Pregnant

  1. The bright side of being a bigger pregnant mommy is that you can be preggers and not have random strangers coming up to you and touch your stomach like I’ve seen happen to my skinny friends.

  2. It’s good to just be bale to relax and be oky with where you are. I think we must be due at the same time. I’m at 17 weeks =).

  3. Have fun! Remember that (unless you get MD’s orders to the contrary) you can still do all the walking exercise you have done in the past. When wife #1’s brother got married, his bride was preggers & plus sized. She was so grateful to him for standing with her (I could have told her he would, his moral code didn’t offer an alternative) that she absolutely refused to let the pregnancy put 1 pound of new weight on her. When their eldest was born, she LOST 35 pounds, and kept it off. Just a thought.

    • I am sure Joni knows how to take good care of herself. Every woman should gain SOME weight while she is pregnant; pregnancy is not the time for weight loss–particularly when one is happy just the way one is! I just…I imagine how I would feel if I was sitting around, feeling happy with this secret little person growing in my belly, and decided to share with the world…and someone jumps in and says, “don’t worry about what this pregnancy will do to your weight loss plan! You DO have a weight loss plan, RIGHT??” 😉 You were very nice, just putting this out there since I know women sometimes have so many people weigh in about their bodies when they are pregnant, it can get, I dunno. It can grate on a person a bit.

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