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I Opened My Etsy Store!

Goddess Doll!

Six years ago I decided I needed to learn how to sew.  I was pregnant with Willow at the time and I wanted to learn how to make slings and mei tais because I couldn’t afford to buy them.  My Vovo (grandmother) is an uber seamstress, having sewn all her life, so I figured I could pick it up -no sweat.

And being the idiot I am, I decided that the most PERFECT starting project would be fairy dolls for my eldest daughter, Hannah.  (This is the part where I cried and cursed and swore and taught my children all sorts of words they shouldn’t be uttering until they reach voting age.) My fairies had bodies made out muslin.  They had looonnnggg skinny arms and legs -which were awful to try and turn right side out.  No matter what I did they would shred into bits.

A few days later I was reading through our copy of Circle Round and saw a sketch of the goddess symbol- you know the one, arms raised up, rounded pointy bottom- its everywhere!  Then I got the idea for dolls without legs to stuff…..  Goddess dolls!

I thought they’d make cool dolls for pagan people.  They’ve actually turned into adult collectibles.  Most people buy them for themselves, to decorate their home and altars.  I’ve sold them in Artemisia Botanicals in Salem, Massachusetts and several stores in Rhode Island.

Pretty good for self-taught!

I really love making them.  And because I strive to make each doll as perfect as possible- by hand- I’ve learned all sorts of great things!  Bead work, embroidery,  pattern making, etc.  They are continuously evolving into more and more beautiful dolls.

I closed my etsy shop about a year ago after burning out on all things sewing.  I’m happy to say that this week I feel crafty and inspired enough to open my shop again!  I have been slowly dipping my toes back in over the past few months.  Every once in a while I’ll announce on my facebook page that I’d like to make a few dolls and the resulting sales keep me busy for a few weeks!

Last month I did a “free shipping” sale to celebrate my birthday and I ended up with over twenty doll orders.  I wasn’t able to get started until last week because just a few days later I became terribly, horribly ill- I was sick for twenty days….  And I’m still recovering now. But I’m having a fantastic time with these dolls and I decided that I’m ready to make them more often.  I am nearly done with the ones I have now- I just need to spend the next few days attaching heads and hair and double checking which dolls are supposed to be babywearing and then I’ll be ready to start on the next batch of orders!

I only have three listings right now, for my “custom dolls”  but I found a cache of doll bodies I had sewn at some point, so I’m hoping to stock my shop with a bunch of already made dolls soon!

And if I’m brave enough, I’d like to start selling some artwork too.  Gulp.



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  1. Congratulations! I think this is a very positive step for you. Brightest blessings on the “new” project!

  2. I’ve always admired the photos of your doll creations. They are so beautiful. One of these days I’ll have to get one:)

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