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Little Lactivist

My little lactivist…

The kids were playing with a zhu zhu pet and a little accessory pack that had a baby one that came with a bottle.

Patrick: “Oooh. The zhu zhu pet baby has a bottle.”

Willow:  “Yeah. The bottle has form-yoo-wa.”

Patrick: “The baby needs breastmilk!”

Willow:  “Hey!!! We can turn the mommy zhu zhu pet sideways and then the baby can have the boobies!  And the bottle can have boobiemilk too!”


The kids are watching “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” …There is a scene where a mother is feeding her baby a bottle- water with a sardine in it.

Patrick: “Eww…  Momma!  That baby should be drinking breastmilk!  Doesn’t that mommy know it is best for babies?”


And then of course there was this gem…

7 Responses to Little Lactivist

  1. Awesome, love it! I too have a budding lactivist on my hands. He often breastfeeds his babies and stuffed animals. He’ll make a good husband and daddy one day!!

  2. My 3 year old frequently gets the baby dinosaur to “nurse” the mommy dinosaur….. and I have often had to “nurse” various stuffed animals, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Lightning McQueen….

    My hubby, who thinks that DS is way too old to still be nursing, frequently tells DS that only babies nurse, to which DS responds, “But I nurse and I not a baby.” Well said, little one!

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