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Maybe I Have a Twin?

A few days ago, James and I took the kids out to dinner. While we were sitting there, a nicely dressed older woman tapped me on the shoulder.  I looked up at her, and smiled, wondering if she was going to complain about my kids or something.  She smiled back.

“Excuse me, but I think I’ve seen you before. Are you a singer?”  She asked.

“Why yes, I do sing.”  I replied.

“And do you sing in restaurants?”  She asked, placing her hand on my arm.

“Yup.”  I named the pub downtown. I inwardly preened at being recognized. That hasn’t happened before. I felt rather special for all of 30 seconds.

“No.  Not that one.”  She frowned.  “I saw you at Clarence’s Restaurant.”  I think it was?  Or Clancy’s.  Or something.  I’m not sure what she named, because by this point I was feeling rather awkward and tuning her out.  “You were fantastic!  So talented!”

“Sorry, it wasn’t me.  I do sing with a band, and I am fantastic, but only at the pub.” I smiled brightly and picked up my fork, hoping she would take the hint and walk away.

“But you look exactly like her!”  She exclaimed.

“Not me!  I must have a twin running around Springfield!”  I laughed and she pressed the issue a few more times before she wandered back to her table.

Alas, I have yet to sign a single autograph.  How funny though, that in a case of mistaken identity, she still managed to find another woman that sings in restaurants.  I guess I must have my very own doppelganger.  I kind of want to track her down and see how she measures up.

8 Responses to Maybe I Have a Twin?

  1. It would be fun to track her down, but be ready for a few surprises if you do.

    When I lived in Enid, OK, I frequently had good friends accuse me of being rude to them because I didn’t acknowledge a wave from across a parkinglot or something. Then I’d have to prove that it wasn’t me, because I was AT WORK at that time, or something. It got rather annoying. If I grew a mustache, he did. If I changed my haircut, he did. It was almost like he knew who I was, and was deliberately trying to look like me.

      • My mom and I are only four inches apart in height, and we are both dark-haired, busty, plus-sized women with wire-rimmed glasses. It’s really easy to mistake us, especially if it’s from a short distance like across the street! Now I’m heavier than Mom is, and being past her 50th birthday she’s starting to gray more than I am. But people still comment on the resemblance.

  2. I would absolutely want to find the doppelganger! Mine (back in my 20’s anyway) was Becky from Roseanne. A guy actually approached me at a Waffle House, shaking, to ask me for my autograph. And given that my name actually is REBECCA seemed even funnier. I finally let him off the hook (we strung him along for a bit). It was hilarious.

  3. I actually do have a twin running around somewhere. My own little doppelganger. My grandpa saw someone he swears was me walking down a street when I was in high school. My cousin saw her out somewhere.

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