Every year for the last five years I’ve put together gift baskets for a teen mom shelter in Massachusetts.   This is the same place I lived when I was pregnant with Hannah.  The year I was there, Christmas 1997, I was seventeen years old.  I remember feeling so lonely and sad because I was away from my friends and most of my family.  One night someone dropped off gift baskets for us- they were laundry baskets filled with all kinds of goodies. I didn’t get many gifts that year and it was so much fun to sit and go through that basket. It made me feel less alone.

These girls are so young- just a few years older than my Hannah- and still kids in my opinion. People donate presents for the babies, but the girls rarely get anything for themselves.  I try to make the baskets as full of pretty things, sweets, and fun stuff as possible but I can’t do it by myself.  There are usually five to eight girls and I just don’t have the resources to do it on my own. So every year I ask my friends and readers for help, and it always amazes me how many people want to help me do this!  


I think I just screwed it all up this year.

I have been sticking to my usual schedule for the baskets, sending out feelers in November, re-asking the people who said earlier in the year that they would like to contribute, and planning a post asking for help/donations for early December.  I failed to take into consideration that since I have moved 1300 miles away I will have to ship the packages instead of hand delivering them.  Which completely changes my timeline.


I’m not sure I can get enough stuff together and get them shipped out in two weeks.  Normally, I take donations right up until I deliver the baskets, usually around the 22nd.   I obviously can’t do that this year.  Someone suggested looking for a local shelter, and if there is one I might see if there are ways to volunteer or help out…  But I don’t want to stop doing this for “my” shelter.  This is the one I know, I understand their policies and how they run the place, and I love that I get to give back after all these years.

Doing this is truly my favorite part of the holiday season. 

Do you think I still have time to get this done?  I am so worried that I won’t be able to pull it off this year. 




  1. Avonelle T says:

    You CAN do it, and you’ve had wonderful suggestions already! What a great gift you give these young ladies in a time of need that most don’t recognize!

    Encouragement is my gift this year, but hit me up next year and maybe by then, circumstances will not be so dire on my end…

    Blessings of joyful abundance be thine and those you touch!

  2. You wil lget this done. Maybe on a smaller scale than in previous years, but you can do it.
    Diandra´s last post… A new attempt at altaring

  3. Funky Little EarthChild Twitter: funkyearthchild says:

    You will get this done!

    I agree with previous posters who suggested you ask Fed Ex or USPS to donate free overnight shipping.

    It’s okay if they arrive late. Those girls will be so happy to get them on any date.

    Blessings to you for doing this.
    Funky Little EarthChild´s last post… Hemangioma Hell: Not All Strawberries are Sweet

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