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News for July…


I now have an art page!

I’m nearly through everything I owe people from my fundraiser.  Holy crap.  I had no idea how much harder it would be to find the time to finish everything.  Between my stress from the midwife mess and then the baby actually being here, not to mention I underestimated the cost of shipping and supplies.  Its been rough.  People have been so nice about it, and I am slowly working my way through… the end is in sight!

I never posted the kids’ end of year homeschool photos:


I have great sponsors, you should check them out!  Up on the Hill has a great deal- if you spend $49 and use the code WITCHY at checkout you get a free diaper (a good one, valued at $18!)

I’m working on a few posts, so hopefully I will schedule those to be up soon.  Thank you for still being here, in spite of my sporadic postings!

2 Responses to News for July…

  1. Glad to hear that you’re almost finished with perks. You sure had a lot to do! With the midwife mess (as you called it), did the fundraiser actually raise enough for your home birth?

    • It did, but between getting back less than half of what I gave the first midwife, paying for more care, and then having to find another doctor for aftercare and factoring in the ridiculous unexpected fees at the end of the fundraiser and the supplies and shipping costs on all of the perks I still ended up with some out of pocket costs.

      I’m not complaining though- it was a fraction of what we would have had to scrape together if I hadn’t had a fund.

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