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It is just a breast. It makes milk. Get over it.

ZOMG!  It is a BREAST!  Right out there for everyone to SEE!


Oh look.  Another picture on the internet of my boob.  One of many, many pictures out there in the internetty world.  I wasn’t always so “out” about breastfeeding my babies. I used to be painfully shy. I would hide in backrooms- I would nurse standing in a stall at bookstores and restaurants.  I was so afraid to let anyone see just a glimpse of my flesh.  I was embarrassed to even nurse in front of my family.

That was four kids ago…  With my first child, Hannah.   I’m surprised I managed to do it at all.  I lasted a year.

The only picture of me nursing Hannah.  One of the only ones of me even HOLDING her.

I was so shy.  The high school I went to had a nursery, and I would breastfeed Hannah during my study period and my lunch period.  I quickly figured out that if I whispered “I need to nurse my baby” to the teacher I could also get out of classes.  So I did.  It was great for our burgeoning breastfeeding relationship,  but hell on my nerves.  When I got to the nursery, I would take Hannah from her cot or bouncy chair, and drag a rocking chair into the corner of the room. I would swathe myself in a receiving blanket or two, and curl my body around my baby.  I would nurse her in that awkward position, my back full of stabby pain, until it was time to go back to class.  Sometimes I would just be relieved to be done and free.  We almost made it to her first birthday, but when she was eleven months old she went on a nursing strike.  In my ignorance, I thought she was self weaning.

With Patrick I loosened up a little.  I don’t have any pictures of me nursing him- except for in the hospital…  But by the the summer he turned one I was nursing with just a burp cloth tossed over my exposed flesh.  We discovered we could nurse anywhere.  I can still remember sitting on the beach, watching the waves and nursing my little boy whilst he napped and Hannah played. We made it almost eighteen months.  I stopped because he was a high strung, high needs little boy, and still waking up every hour or so throughout the night.  The huz worked sixteen hours days and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I thought it would make my life easier, not realizing until six months later that my high needs little boy was that way because he had food issues.  I thought weaning would make life easier.  Boy was I wrong. I regret weaning him early. Poor baby.

With Willow the bonds of embarrassment were finally broken.  Pictures of Willow nursing would occassionally show up on myspace, and then facebook. I nursed that baby proudly, wherever we happened to be. Our nursing relationship lasted two and a half years.  I think it could have gone on longer, but the huz and I wanted to try for another baby, and I just can’t seem to get pregnant when I am nursing.

Nursing Willow on the beach, on her second birthday.

By the time Cooper was born I was an out and proud self-proclaimed lactivist.  Seriously, my breasts are in more pictures floating around the vast depths of the internet than most porn stars.  These gals of mine get around.  You can see them on twitter, my blog, and facebook, in movie theaters, grocery stores, bank and post office lines.  They’ve been “out” in truck stops, parks, zoos, museums, and every darn restaurant I’ve stepped foot in over the last four years.

See? Baby feeder.  And sleepy-maker.

This one was my twitter profile image.  Oh look! Nipple!  Nope- Nothing sinister here.

AlthoughIf I remember correctly, that last picture caused a big OUCH for me. For future reference, flashes startle babies…  And when babies are startled they BITE and PULL.  Consider it a public service announcement.

And now my baby is crying…  Time to go soothe him back to sleep with warm, perfect, breastmilk.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

19 Responses to It is just a breast. It makes milk. Get over it.

  1. Ahhhh that last picture is particularly adorable!!! I was a really shy nurser with M. I’m now a big lactivist and hoping to be more comfortable NIP, starting with my inlaws coming to visit in a couple weeks.

  2. Heya. 😀 I’m new to your blog and I adored this post! I nursed my son for nine months before health problems and pressure from doctors convinced me to stop, and I regret stopping so much! I also regret that there are NO nursing pictures of my son and I because I was in an abusive, controlling relationship with his father and he thought that taking pictures of me nursing was me being a slut. Ditto to NIP without a huge blanket thrown over me. :( Good for you for finally being so open about nursing! I hope things go better when my next little one comes along. :)

  3. Ouch. I remember similar moments 😀 I nursed my only child for exactly two years. I had decided not to keep it going for longer, and frankly she had too many teeth.

      • Good!

        I am actually pretty discreet with family members/ when out in public. I don’t use a cover, but I also don’t just whip out my boob. It is only from the relative “safety” of the internet, or in my own home that I am as exposed as I am in these pictures.


  4. Hubby can’t quite get his head around my ability to NIP and yet never slip on a bathing suit. Boobage is one thing…strangers looking at my butt is another one entirely! 😉

  5. My son was NIP. There were times we would be at a restaurant and a server would ask about the empty carseat. I’d point to the large lump under my shirt, and they were always surprised. Most people never had any clue that I was nursing. I remember being at a friends house for a bbq and playing guitar hero while nursing. They said I was right then the most talented person ever.

    I did get into a pretty big argument with a male friend about NIP. He thought it was wrong and that he shouldn’t have to be exposed to it. He said that if he owned a restaurant, he would kick out women who nursed at their tables. I told him if that’s the way he feels about my son eating, then from now on every Sunday that he came over to game with my husband he had to sit in his car and eat his lunch. If he couldn’t stand the sight of a baby eating in public, I didn’t want to see him eating, either. He tried to say it was different, but in the end, I won the argument. I mean, what did he expect nursing mothers to do? Not leave their house. Ever??

    He never said anything to me about it again. Especially since I always cooked for the guys on Sunday and he didn’t want to miss out on all the yummy food. 😉

  6. Joni,
    My main problem nursing my kids wasn’t how shy I was about NIP, it was how family members treated me because I felt I had a right to nurse “in the open” and be able to socialize and not have to be locked out of sight in a back bedroom somewhere…
    By the time I had Woogie I would go out and about and nurse anywhere I needed to, only taking a little more caution with covering myself when the baby was tiny tiny and didn’t “auto latch” yet.
    The biggest blowout I remember that really hurt me down deep and if I think about it too much even now I will cry- one year at the annual family Christmas eve party (Keith’s family), I think it was Woogies first Christmas actually so she was barely 4 weeks old and nursing ALL the time, I was essentially “shunned” because I didn’t want to miss out on all the adult interaction and decided to nurse the baby right in the living room amoung family.
    Picture it, 4 older children and 7 adults in a living room talking and having a good time around the fire on X-mas eve. The newborn starts to need milkies, Mommy nonchalantly and discreetly pulls baby in close, lifts little nursing flap on shirt and latches baby on. Mommy covers most of baby’s head with a light blanket just to be poliet as she knows there are non-nursers in the crowd. Mommy turns to re-join conversation to find that 4 people have abruptyly gotten up and rushed from the room with all the kids going “Where are you going?”, “We’ll come back when she’s finished!” My SIL apparently didn’t want her DH around a nursing woman.
    It was like a giant slap in the face. I left. We didn’t talk for a long time and when we did there was a major fight. Nothing like making someone feel like they have the plauge…
    So, KUDOS for BREASTS! If we weren’t supposed to have them, they wouldn’t be here!! Why is it OK for ugly men to go around shirtless with nipples exposed but because ours have a little more “Ooomph” to them it’s not decent?? Screw that.

  7. I only managed to breastfeed my daughter for about a week and a half exclusively before I failed due to a variety of reasons (mainly lack of support and understanding from my family).

    I only nursed in public once and I didn’t feel too awkward. However, my family made a big deal out of it. I was at my grandmothers once and I was breast feeding my daughter and my mom freaked out because my uncle was there. Barely anything was showing. It was just like… you shouldn’t be able to have issues when feeding your child in a private HOME. Ugh.

    Breast feeding should NOT be shunned.

  8. Well done :) That is amazing! I think people should just get over it and deal with it, it’s only a breast, if you were in a club with a low cut top you would be cheered but feeding your baby in public is wrong, god people are just stupid!

    Get those breats out 😉

  9. My favorite nursing picture is of me and my middle child. He is standing and in one hand he’s holding a hamburger. He’s totally embarassed by it, of course, now that he is 13. Because he’s a strict vegetarian – he just hates that he’s holding a hamburger :).

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