Parenting Fail: Eating My Words

Willow at the ParkThis morning was not an example of my finest parenting skills.

Friday is our library day, and normally that just means grabbing the stack of books from their place on the hall table. But this morning Willow’s books were missing.  So that started a search for the missing books, and of course I had to throw in a couple of doses of “Willow, you KNOW books stay on the shelf.” and “This is WHY we keep all the books in one spot!”   and perhaps there was a frustrated rant or two about responsibility.  The poor kids looked everywhere a book could hide.  All morning.

No books were found.

I brought James to work, and when I got back to the house, they still had not found the books.  I told them we weren’t going o go to the library if we couldn’t find them.  I stomped around a bit.  Then I remembered.  The last time we went to the library…  Willow wasn’t with us.

Talk about an embarrassing moment.  I had to tell the kids that *I* had made a mistake, and Willow didn’t have any books because she hadn’t taken any out.  She had been at a sleepover at my friend April’s house.  I apologized to the kids, and to Willow.

But wow do I feel silly!



  1. michaelle lancaster says:

    You know, I think one of the best things we can do is apologize to our kids when we make a mistake, it shows them that nobody is perfect and that even mom and dad can make mistakes and say sorry. I think this was a good lesson for them.

  2. At least you admitted that you were wrong. That’s a great thing for parents to do (mine never did).
    Diandra´s last post… 7 in 7 – not giving up!

  3. MrsWJAA says:

    I think that it is a great example to set for children that it is ok to be wrong, and that everyone makes mistakes, but that everyone (including adults) should admit to them and make amends or appologise. We plan to do this with our LO, because I am a very forgetful person…

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