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Midweek milk run looks different now that we don’t have a car.

Husband on the road, five kids- one of which is a little baby, no car, cold weather setting in, and its the holiday season? I refuse to find this overwhelming or stressful. It would be so easy to fall into thinking about how much it sucks that we can’t go wherever we want now. That we have yet to do the “xmas” shopping. To feel like I lost my freedom. To miss sneaking away for a coffee or a leisurely market trip while the baby is napping and the kids watch a movie with Hannah. To worry about how I will get errands done or do fun holiday things with the kids. To think about how tough it will be to walk everywhere or take a bus with all these littles.

Instead I will think about how pleasant it was to walk with my suddenly tall and gangly boy in the cool night air. His voice echoed down the quiet street as he hopped over the cracks in the sidewalk and let me in on every thought in his head. It occurred to me that soon enough he won’t want to share his funniest, saddest and scariest stories with me. I found myself grateful for this time with him. His scariest moment, by the way, is the time he was lost in the woods with his friends and there was poison ivy all over the place and he was scared he would get it and scratch himself to bits. Because, you know, poison ivy is way worse than mosquito bites and those are pretty terrible.

I’m grateful that although I am overweight and out of shape I can walk, I can carry the heavy back pack filled with things we will need for the rest of the week. We have a store close enough to walk to and enough money for the things I needed to purchase. That’s something to be grateful for too. We have a warm house and food in our pantry. Everyone is healthy and strong.  If the biggest annoyance in my life is the short term loss of a vehicle I’m doing alright.

I really enjoyed walking with Patrick last night.

My life is full of awesomeness.

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  1. Walks with my boys are the best time to get them to talk to me about whatever has been on their mind! It’s like the change in scenery and distance from electronic distractions just loosens something in their brain and they will tell me all sorts of things :)

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