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Remember… Kids are always listening!

Patrick said "Wait- I have to check the candy for Nestle!"

Last week I was at the store with Patrick and I tossed a box of Nestle Drumsticks into the carriage which was totally a brain-fart.  I don’t know what I was thinking as I do TRY to avoid Nestle wherever possible.  I mean they own, like, almost everything, which makes boycotting difficult but I do try to avoid the brands I know about!   When I got to the checkout, Patrick saw the box and said “NO WAY MOM! We don’t buy Nestle junk.  I’m putting this back.”  And he ran back to the freezer.  The cashier just looked at me, and I shrugged and said “I forgot we boycott them” and continued to unload my cart.  When he came back, the cashier asked him why he didn’t like Nestle, didn’t he like ice cream?

And Patrick looked at her, aghast, and said “Nestle does things that the World Health people don’t like. They make formula that babies in other countries drink and then sometimes they get sick and die because the water isn’t clean. They’re a bad company.” 

The cashier looked confused and didn’t say anything else.  I was proud that my kid feels so strongly about what he believes is right and wrong, and at the same time I was so surprised to see how closely he pays attention to what I say.  The kid is purely awesome, and a better activist than I am, that’s for sure.

While we are talking about informed children and ice cream, let’s talk about how much fun it is to have the kids yelling “Beaver butt juice is EVERYWHERE!!!” when you are just trying to purchase a frozen treat!

My kids won’t eat/drink anything with strawberry “flavoring” (except actual strawberries) since they learned that some strawberry, raspberry and vanilla flavoring has beaver anal gland secretions as an additive…. So now they call it “beaver butt juice” which makes for some awkward moments when you’re out in public!

It’s kind of scary to think about how everything we say and do shapes the thoughts and opinions of our children.  Even a silly comment over breakfast (beaver glands anyone?) can be tucked away and saved to be pulled out months later in a crowded aisle of the grocery store.  Raising kids to be knowledgeable about the world we live in is tricky… You have to practice what you preach and stay on your toes all the time!  Has something like this ever happened to you? Do you have little activists in your home?

19 Responses to Remember… Kids are always listening!

  1. I think it’s awesome that he was able to say exactly WHY you guys don’t support Nestle products. Most kids can’t explain why they don’t like certain products, ideas, people, etc. I love reading that your kids can!

  2. I wouldn’t buy my kids pickles that were dyed with anything but turmeric. They always wanted to know why and I told them about the dyes and how bad they are for you. Now every time we pass by the pickles on the store shelves (which ALL have dye in them) they announce very loudly that it’s bad and we can’t buy those. And they like to tell anyone who tries to serve them pickles that they’re bad.

    It’s nice to know they listen to what I say sometimes, but it can get a little embarrassing :)

  3. My kids are still too little to do this but my niece once gave my SIL (another aunt, not her mom) a lecture about how bad WalMart is when they they were running errands together over the holidays and my SIL wanted to go there. I don’t generally go around lecturing people but my niece had asked for an explanation a few months earlier when I mentioned that I don’t shop at WalMart and I guess it stuck.

    I totally get you about it being hard to stick to these things though. I’m actually typing this on a computer purchased at WalMart because it was a gift from my mom and I didn’t find out where it came from until it was too late to return it. I’m pretty sure that a fair amount of other stuff we’ve received as gifts from my in-laws has come from WalMart because my MIL loves to shop there but since she knows I don’t like it she takes of the tags and doesn’t give us a gift receipt (which is unheard of in my husband’s family; my daughter got a teething ring with a gift receipt attached at Christmas).

  4. He is so full of win!
    My oldest is a huge intactivist. We went carding this summer and someone asked him what he was doing and he explained to them about circumcision and gave them a card. Lol He was only 7 then.

  5. This is awesome. I can’t wait to see how this plays out for us as we’re relatively activist-y ourselves. What parts will the kidlet get into and what parts will she think are ridiculous? Awesome awesome awesome.

  6. I am curious why baby formula is bad. I get that pushing it over breastfeeding isn’t good by any means but formula in general is a great thing. I am a foster mom and use good start formula for my babies for two reasons 1, I cant breastfeed although I wish I could 2 the city pays for $200 of it monthly. There have been times that I have used different brands but that is only with a doctor note, like my current baby, she was born at 32 weeks and under 4lbs with prenatal drug abuse and we used a special preemie formula for 4 months.
    I would like to know what I could do to encourage moms to breastfeed if they can but don’t understand how a boycott of life sustaining formula would help.
    LMAO at beaver butt juice!

    • It isn’t that formula is “bad” (which I do not think at all- it definitely has a purpose!) its that the formula COMPANIES are bad. They use shady advertising and campaigning practices that are against the World Health Organization’s for breastmilk substitutes, especially in third world countries where there might not be a clean water supply. This often results in high mortality rates for babies that would have survived if breastfed.

    • Paige, thanks for that comment. I’m new to this blog and also wondered why making formula was bad, especially as the little boy’s explanation seemed to imply that the water used with the formula was bad, not the formula itself.

      When I had my first child, I was determined to breastfeed exclusively. But at his two-week checkup, I discovered he has lost over a pound and was in distress. He was hospitalized, and I was in tears trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. The doctor wanted to run a test on my milk, and asked me to pump. The result was shocking – I was producing less than half of what my baby needed to survive. For two days I continued to pump and fed my son every drop I made, but it still wasn’t enough. If it weren’t for formula, my son would not have survived.

  7. (I’m here from WaldenMommy, whose title made me click over.)

    Kids ARE always listening. Our latest rounds have been over death. Death and mummies and skin being eaten by bugs. He remembers every word I say to him about it, which is sometimes frightening.

  8. As much as Sasha doesn’t listen to us, I try to remind my husband that she is listening at the times when we don’t think she is. Its different than when you tell them to do something they don’t want to do. 😛

  9. Well, my isn’t an activist stand point but I know what you mean by raising knowledgeable kids and it coming out at odd times. My daughter knows the correct term for male and female genitalia. She had two friends over, a boy and a girl, and she was teaching them vaginas and penises. She 6, the other girl is 6 and the boy is 4 or 5. I was horrified because the other little girl was so upset. She was adamant she DID NOT have a vagina. It was awful.

  10. They were fully clothed and outside just talking! My friend read my comment and said. “It looks like your letting kids play Dr. at your house” hahaha

  11. Oh how weird! I literally read about that whole beaver thing in 2 places within 5 minutes.. never heard about it before.. now I am too traumitized to eat my favorite ice cream..! lol!

    Oh and totally awesome that he not only caught your “slip-up” but knew the reasons behind your choices & busted out with that speech to the cashier lol

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