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Review: Holyclothing Venus Sundress

Product photo

I don’t often do reviews, because I want to keep my blog about writing and life and art.  But if there is something I really want to try, I’ll gladly do one!  I have been eyeing Holyclothing.com’s dresses for-ev-ah and I’ve never gotten up the nerve to buy anything. I follow them on facebook, and I often find myself comparing my body shape against the women in the customer submitted photos, wondering if the clothes would flatter me. When you are plus-sized, it is HARD to buy stuff without trying it on because although every woman’s shape is different being extra curvy makes getting the right cut for your particular exaggerated lumps and bumps an even bigger challenge!

Not fun.
So… I contacted holyclothing and asked if I could do a review. And they said YES! The deal was that I could pick anything I want, for free, for doing a review and posting up some links and a product photo. I chose the Venus diamond neck sundress in ‘black midnight’.

Holyclothing would like you to check out their Boho, Renaissance and Gypsy Dresses, Tops, Skirts  & Pants  today!

Having gotten the deal stuff out of the way, let me tell you what I got.

My dress arrived just a few days later, and right out of the bag it was freaking awesome. I tried it on and it was so flattering I immediately texted the huz “I WANT THIS IN EVERY COLOR!” I felt…. Pretty. And feminine…. I never feel like that. I don’t wear skirts or dresses because I always feel so much wider and, well, kind of dumpy in all the extra material.
But in this dress I am a princess. The cut of the dress is generous, while still giving me a bit of a shape and then floating gracefully around my lower legs. It is nice and cool, and easy to wash and wear. It wrinkled a little after being worn all day, and there were a few annoying loose threads to snip but other than that I have nothing negative to say. I can wear it for casual things or even when I need to dress up a bit.
I really do plan to buy one in EVERY color.
I am now a holyclothing convert.

I love this dress!
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27 Responses to Review: Holyclothing Venus Sundress

  1. I love holy clothing and also follow them on FB. I use to have one of their dresses and always loved how it flowed and flattered my figure (also plus size). I lost that dress some how in our move. But I’d love to have another one day!

    I’d also love to try wearing a corset with the dress. I just think it would flatter it even more.

  2. I love the dress….I’m also very curvy….and I think I’d like this dress, too. I’ve never heard of the company before, but I’ll be checking it out now! Great review.

  3. “I am now a Holyclothing covert”
    And now so am I! You look fantastic and that dress looks comfy for such a pretty dress. I’ll definitely look into buying their stuff.

  4. I love Holy clothing…their dresses and skirts are so comfortable. Hoping when we get more stabilized on the financial end I can order a few of them. And you look amazing in that dress.

  5. You look gorgeous. Makes me want to buy one and I don’t do dresses. Course I can wear capri stretch pants. LOL!!

  6. it really was a very pretty dress and you looked awesome in it! I don’t “do dresses” either but its something I would wear. I liked the length of it and how the waist was very flattering and tapered in.

  7. I have two dresses from them and I LOVE them! The only thing I don’t love is how my dresses have kept bleeding dye since I got them (last September), but even with that I’m planning on buying at least a couple more. I’d wear them everyday! You look really beautiful in your dress Joni!

      • Could be! I now either wash them by themselves or with strictly like colors on cold, but a couple of times they’ve ‘somehow’ made their way into a load with not like colors and the dress has stained the other clothes. Oh well, the dresses are awesome, so whatever 😉

        • Perhaps certain colors “bleed” and others (like black) don’t. Just a thought. It would depend on what the dye was based on, I think.

    • Have you tried the Shout Color Catchers? They help with a lot of things. Then again, I have a pair of jeans that still bleed after at least 10 washes, so maybe it’s just certain dyes.

  8. You look beautiful in your dress! I love Holy Clothing. I have 2 dresses, 1 skirt, and 1 pants/skirt thingy. I feel so beautiful in them! You truly do look like a goddess. Enjoy!!

  9. That dress looks so gorgeous on you. Although, you could probably review a potato sack and it would look stunning. :-) I have a very similar body type, and have been contemplating a HolyClothing purchase for a while. I think I’m going to have to do it! Thanks for a great review.

  10. That dress looks spectacular on you. I’m glad that you took the plunge and got that dress, because anything that makes you feel like the beautiful and feminine woman that you are is wonderful. I’ve also recently read some of your previous posts about trying to exercise to lose weight so you can be healthy for yourself and your kids. I, within the last 18 months, lost 65 pounds because my knees and back were always hurting and I wanted to be able to keep up with my little girl. I think that what you are doing is wonderful and I wanted to give you a shout of encouragement. You’re doing it the right way, by eating healthy and doing small things to get you moving that you enjoy. Don’t ever forget though, in your endeavors to change some things, that you are a beautiful, intelligent and spectacular woman and that the core of you need never change.

  11. That’s a beautiful dress. I want that too! LOL I totally agree with you, I rarely purchase dresses or clothing online because I’m not sure they will look good on me unless I’ve tried them. Thanks for sharing Holyclothing’s site!

  12. Oh my goodness I am SO Happy I stumbled across this! I found Holyclothing years ago and wanted to buy EVERYTHING so I bookmarked the site, but then my computer died and lost the site. I couldn’t remember the name of the store and I’ve been fruitlessly scouring the internets ever since! I’m also THRILLED to see how lovely their dress looks on you, as your figure seems pretty similar to mine. (I was worried they might look dowdy on a plus size figure, but oh how wrong I was!) Is it as comfortable as it looks? You’re just stunning in it. (By the way I am new to your blog but I’m loving it so far!)

  13. I really am saddened by my most recent experience with Holy Clothing.

    I have purchased Holy Clothing for several years now. In the past I have been very happy with my purchases and even years later they look good.

    Then, this year, I ordered five dresses, which I expected to last me many years as well. It was a big chunk out of my budget.

    After only a few washings, the color started to disappear from the seams, and on the threads of the designs. The threads also have unravelled leaving holes in the fabric so they can’t be worn to anything the involved looking my best.

    When it happened to the first dress, I thought it was an anomaly so I waited. Then it happened to another and another, after only a few washings. Now all five dresses are in the same sorry state.

    I contacted Holy Clothing, and “Jittiporn” responded after several days (my first email was sent Monday and I received a response Saturday). Her only response was that it was their ‘policy’ that ‘defects’ need to be reported within 30 days. End of response.

    My response to her is that I will not go away. The merchandise I received was defective and not even close to good enough quality.

    It is sad when quality deteriorates in any company, both in quality of product and quality of customer service. Sadder still when loyal customers receive shoddy merchandise and are left with no recourse.

    At the very least they should replace the dresses with some that will last more than a month of wearing.

    I have asked that my problem be sent up the ladder and also asked for contact information for Janice Kay the owner and founder. I doubt I will receive any other help. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

    Oh yes, there is an add on the Internet for workers to work in customer service at Holy Clothing and claims to pay them 17,000+ per WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now isn’t that a red flag?

    Anyone else having similar problems? Contact me at eames@digis.net

    • Yeah, um, their factory is in INDIA. That 17,000 a week is, I am sure, 17,000 INR (Indian rupees), which roughly translates to about $250 USD. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

      I have several Holy Clothing items, mostly dresses, and I love them all. Never had any problems with shipping or purchasing or quality. I hand wash everything and hang it to dry. You really can’t manhandle this stuff very much. Even a washing machine, I’ve noticed, speeds up shrinkage & deterioration. I’ve even deliberately bought one size larger to account for the tiny amount of shrink that happens when washed.

  14. I used to buy from Holy Clothing. But honestly, the prices have gone up so high that I can’t afford to buy ANYTHING from her!

  15. I’ve been looking at Holy Clothing, thinking of pitching or buying. I love the clothes! Thanks for this review. I think I’m just going to pitch them for a review for my blog. So hopefully, soon I’ll be writing about them.

    Now that it’s August, I’d love to know what shape your dress is in. You look beautiful in it, btw!

    Stop by if you get a chance.

    • A year later, and my dress is still in good shape! I wear it twice a week, washing and hanging dry when needed, and minus some fading around the seams on the straps and a few loose threads it still looks nice and gets me compliments wherever I go.

  16. If you want to set the dye, try washing by itself the first time in cold water and a cup of white vinegar. That should help the color keep from bleeding. It is a trick my mom use to use on new fabrics.

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